02 April 2012

Day 8 on Water Fasting for Weight Loss: 10 Positive Affirmation to Confess When You Slip Up Your Diet

Day 8.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day.

I have mixed feelings about this weeks weigh in. I would be very excited about weight loss but I don't know how to face disappointment if I don't see any changes. Just let's see how much I've done on tomorrow's weigh in. Today I manage to drag myself to do Denise Austin's light workout. Light workout keep me energize and make me forget about eating.


Regarding to my post about How to Handle Diet Slip Up, I have found another interesting post about how to take diet slip up in a positive way from Smart Shape.

10 Positive Affirmation to Confess About Slip Ups:

1. I expect to slip up occasionally
I know that I will experience slips and whilst I aim to keep them to a minimum, I am prepared for these.

2. Everyone has slips
I know that other people slip up too and it should be no different for me.

3. I'm prepared for high-risk situations
I know my diet danger zones, such as eating out or eating when bored. I have a strategy ready to manage them.

4. I can enjoy the occasional indulgence
Allowing myself to relax my diet at times means I am in control and on track to reach my goals.

5. I can adapt to unexpected challenges
I know I can't control everything. When my plans go out the window I pause and devise a back-up strategy.

6. I can make up for slips later
I can choose to make up for the slip the next day to keep my average up.

7. I can learn from slips
Every time I have a slip it presents an opportunity to learn and make changes to reduce the chances of the slip happening again.

8. I can start with a clean slate after a slip
I can choose to forget about the slip up and start fresh.

9. It's my average that counts
By accepting slip ups I know that my average success will be high. It's my average that counts. Not being perfect 100% of the time.

10. A slip doesn't affect everything
Just because my diet took a detour for a few days, it doesn't mean I've failed. I always keep my diet in perspective and know I'm successful.

by Matt O'Neill, Dietitian

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