09 April 2012

Day 13 on Water Fasting for Weight Loss: 5 Strategies to Avoid Holiday Food Temptation

Day 13/40. 

I consider today as one of my big achievement. :p

After shopping for groceries today, we headed for a lunch at the nearest restaurant. My husband offered me my favorite fast food: French fries! He might forget that I'm still on water fasting. Or he might thought that because this is Easter week, cheat on a water fasting for one day is okay :)

I don't try to deny that I'm tempted to give it in, but I pass this! I choose water instead of french fries. I am still on water fasting for weight loss.

Image from Personal Training Philly
How to Avoid Holiday Food Temptation? Brierley Wright shows this 5 stay-slim strategies in Eating Well that you can use when you head out to holiday gatherings.

1. Food Temptation—Your Mom Makes Delicious, Straight-to-the-Hips Holiday Treats
Studies suggest that feeling deprived—even if you are consuming plenty of calories—can actually trigger overeating. If your mom’s decadent holiday treats are your downfall, make room in your diet to eat them. If it’s too tempting to keep them in your house, try not to bring any home or, if you do, share some with a friend.

2. Food Temptation—An Open Bar at the Office Holiday Party
When you walk up to the bar, think small. Regardless of what color you’re drinking, limit your pour size by asking for a white-wine glass instead of a big red-wine glass. Trade your tonic water, soda or juice mixer for a diet version or club soda. Then walk away from the bar. Far away.

3. Food Temptation—The Food Court at the Mall While You're Holiday Shopping 
Plan ahead! You've been to the mall before, you know what food kiosks are there. Aim for one that’s lower in calories (less than 500, ideally 350 to 400) and offers both fiber and protein to power you through an afternoon of shopping. Also, pack snacks in your purse. Going long stretches without eating can trigger you to overeat.

4. Food Temptation—A Decadent, Rich Buffet Spread At Your Friend's Annual Holiday Party 
Plan to eat one of your three daily meals at the party. And when you do go to eat, inspect the offerings first before loading up your plate. Make your first trip for vegetables and salad, then go back for small portions of the richer fare.

5. Food Temptation—The Leftovers That Same Friend You Insisted You Bring Home After Her Party 
You've heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind,” right? Well, it works! stash them toward the back of the fridge and keep the apples up front.

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