28 May 2014

Weight Loss Failure: You Are 100% Responsible for Your Own Success

This post dedicated to myself, to my diet buddy, and to all who have failed to stick to their New Year's weight loss resolution.

weight loss quotes, motivations

Don't complain about the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do. The following is an interesting excerpt from Jack Canfiled's book: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

You will never become successful as long as you continue to blame someone or something else for your lack of success.

You are the one who ate the junk food.
You are the one who didn't say no.
You are the one who took the job.
You are the one who abandoned your dream.

Mr. Canfield says, people only complain about things they can do something about. People don't complain things they have no power over. If it weren't for gravity, people wouldn't fall down the stairs and planes wouldn't fall out of the sky. But we never heard anyone complain about gravity. Why? Because we know we can't do anything to change it so we just accept it.

The circumstances people always complain about are a situation they can change by their very nature.

You could learn to cook healthier food.
You could say no in the face of peer pressure. 
You could quit and find a better job. 
You could go back to school and pursue your dream. 

But why people don't simply do those things? It's because the require to change involving risk. The risk of being ridiculed or judge by others, the risk of being unemployed. It might be uncomfortable and confusing. It might take money, time, and effort. So they stay put and complain about those things to avoid the risk. But avoiding risks also means losing out on the potential gain that accepting the risk may have allowed.

To create the life you always wanted is simple: stop complaining and take that risk. But simple doesn't necessarily mean easy. It requires concentrated awareness, dedicated discipline, and willingness to take risk.

Let's do some exercise, ask ourselves:

1. How am I allowing this to happen? What am I doing that is working and that I need to be doing more of?
(should I control carbs intake, add more cardio exercise, etc)

2. What am i doing that is not working? What do I need to be doing less of?
(am I spending too much time on social media, eating too much sugar, etc)

3. What am I not doing that I need to try on to see if it works?
(get more sleep, drink more water, hire a coach, etc.)  

I don't have "losing weight" in my New Year resolution this year. I am not hitting my goal weight last year. I think the more I use the word "diet", the more I'll eat. So I try to skip the word "diet" in my dictionary and focus on healthy lifestyle instead. Fast forward to 5 months, I'm still not losing any weight. Ranting about why I'm still not losing weight totally useless and won't change anything. I am done with making further weight loss analysis. It's just a matter of being ready and willing to take the risk. Buddy, it's NEVER too late to pick yourself up, start all over, and keep going. Whatever your weight goals, or career goals, relationship goals might be... it is never too late to be what you might have been. 

weight loss quotes, motivations

Are you afraid of taking risk? What are your biggest fears? 
Share in the comments.

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  1. I love this post!!! Love, LOve, love it!!! It applies to me on so many levels. That is all I know to say...lol:)

  2. Love this!! I definitely agree with what he's saying, but it was hard for me to get to that place that I truly understood that I had control over this. And I'm so afraid of failing eeek!

  3. It is so admirable how you are taking control and not just stating excuses and what has happened, but finding solutions.

  4. Awesome post. I love tge pic and the quote in the beginning.

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  6. Nice post.....
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  7. Nice post but why everyone is so scared to just workout a little bit?
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  8. I agree with you 100%. It's time we stopped complaining about things we can do something about and start actually doing something about it.  If you want to have a healthier body, get off the couch and exercise; put down that cheesy pizza and substitute it with healthy meals. Whatever you do, do something about what you do not like in your life.

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  10. I'm all for being accountable for the choices that you make. Establishing good habits is key to your success.

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  12. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it!


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