02 May 2013

Have You Had Your Non-Scale Victory Moment Yet?

Good bye April. Welcome May.

It was like only yesterday I wrote an opening post for April, and now it's already May. How time flies. Nothing much happened in April.

I got an F for April's report card. F for fail on scale.

My weight keeps fluctuating between 70-74 kg throughout the month. Honestly, that 4 kg variance is solely water weight, and make no difference to the obese me.

Recap from April Strategies:
Goal #1: Exercise at least 10 minutes (the more the better) everyday except Sunday.
End Month Report: So determined and dedicated the first two weeks, but the motivation starts fading pretty quickly as week goes by. I barely workout now.

Goal #2: Avoid foods and drinks with hidden salt, sugar and fat!
End Month Report: Not a complete victory, but I did most of the time.

Goal #3: Create a deficit of 1000 calories per day. The calorie deficit calculator, estimates that I eat 1,200 calorie per day to creates the deficit. 
End Month Report: I tracked my foods with fatsecret.com but always over calorie :(

Goal #4: Stop greasy takeaways, fast food; cut out bread (my favorite), chocolates and ice cream.
End Month Report: I don't remember the last time I took greasy takeaways and chocolate because every time we're eating out, my choice are mostly noodle soup and steamed tofu. Never get bored with that. But carbs like bread and rice which I try to cut out in April are simply irresistible. Have lots of them. And I had ice creams this week.  

Goal #5: Weigh myself once a week, every Monday to track my progress. 
End Month Report: Fluctuating numbers on scale is seriously frustrating me. I stopped weighing myself altogether until I see some improvements in how my clothes fit.

In a positive spirit, I still got a few number of victory to celebrate.
1) Avoiding foods and drinks with hidden salt, sugar and fat!
Not a complete victory, but I did most of the time. And when I go grocery shopping I am no longer fill my trolley with junk foods and instant noodles. 

2) Not leaning on fiber supplement

3)Not treating myself to greasy takeaways, fast food and chocolate. 

This post is link to KTJ Weighing InYour non-scale victory is not necessarily related to weight loss accomplishment. 
Let's celebrate together, what is your Non-Scale Victory this week?

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  1. Absolutely LOVE that graphic. It is so true in every way and something I definitely needed to see today! Stopping by from SITS.-The Dose Girls

  2. Stick with it! Avoiding junk food and salty fatty foods are a huge victory!

    1. I wish to keep this victory. Thanks for the encouragement. Appreciate it :)

  3. I love that quote!! I haven't been all that consistent about working out lately...good reminder to keep it going! But I AM going to boot camp this morning!

    1. Good reminder to myself too. Have fun with your boot camp :)

  4. Well congrats to the 2 victories you did accomplish. Be proud of that. You have to find something that you absolutely LOVE going to to get that exercise momentum pumping! Good luck with that. Once you get a routine...It's on:)

    1. Thanks. Not a big accomplishment but am proud anyway. I believe small steps can help me lose weight in a big way.

  5. You seem to be getting better! I love your attitude so positive. This month will be even better.

    1. Yes, i hope May will be better. Thanks dear.

  6. It takes little changes to make a big change! You are doing great! It's a process and not perfection. Keep at it and make small, gradual changes you can live with so you don't get so frustrated. May will be even better!
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. You don't know how much i love your kind words, Laurie. It boost my spirit. Losing weight is a process, not perfection. That's it! I get it now..thanks :)

  7. It is so hard to try to do everything at once - I know from experience! You can do it - just keep taking baby steps and you can do it!!

    What wonderful victories! Every one counts!

    I also have a weight loss blog: SuperMomLosingIt.blogspot.com
    You are welcome to visit!

    1. Thank you for your support and encouragement. It really meant a lot to me.:)

  8. Love this post. You are doing fantastic. Sometimes we have to fail in order to get up, dust ourselves off and move on! You're going to do great this month!

    1. Hi Amanda, I try to treat each failure as a lesson learned. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  9. It is little changes that add up to make a big difference!!
    I often want change so quickly! I have to step back and realize that one change is a big achievement. I have also trashed the scale, well not really, but I wanted to. I am not weighing as often. :D

    You should be proud of the changes that you have made! Keep up the hard work!

    Notions from Nonny
    Healthier Lifestyle with Nonny

    1. Thanks Frances. Using bathroom scale to measure weight loss is not always accurate. I agree about using the scale as a tool to monitor weight loss progress. But sometimes the numbers could dictate how I felt all day if I didn't see my favorite number :) I'm so glad you stopped by here, and appreciate your very kind comment.

  10. It's all about taking baby steps and giving up greasy takeout is a great baby step. Maybe instead of trying to give up bread completely you can work on eating healthier bread?

    Ashley @ http://downsizingashley.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Ashley. Thanks for your kind suggestion. I think it's a great trick. I can still eat my favorite food and lose weight at the same time :) I'll try to do that simple change.

  11. I love the quote you posted about not needing to be great to start, but you just need to start. I've pinned that one myself and it is so true! It takes time and little baby steps moving in the right direction is great!

  12. I just discovered your blog through the Thumping Thursday hop--I'm now following and look forward to following along with your journey!

    Angela @ http://www.amamascorneroftheworld.com


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