17 May 2013

Weight Loss Success Stories: Jung Da Yeon Lose 20kg in 3 Months and Made Herself a Millionaire

Jung Da Yeon, 46 is just a normal housewife before she became famous after losing weight in late 2003. She used to weigh 70 kg after having two kids. One day she woke up and decided to lose weight, us proper diet and exercise to change her life for better. In 3 months she lose 20 kg and transform herself.

Jung Da Yeon is known as momjjang ajumma in South Korea which means "mom with a striking figure."

After losing weight, she published her first diet book "Momjjang Diet" in 2007. It became a fast nationwide success in South Korea and inspired Korean housewives to go to fitness center, lose weight and transform themselves. The "momjjang" phenomenal expanded to Japan when the smokin' hot mom invited to Japan's NHK-TV in 2004. She made millions from the sales of her popular fitness books, DVD exercise videos (FIGUREROBICS) and even her own Nintendo Wii game!

Such an inspiration!

Inspiring story: Jung Da Yeong became every housewives' inspiration
Flat to fab: Jung Da Yeon before and after weight loss
Momjjang phenomenal: She published her diet book, her weight loss success story photo
on online newspaper and became a nationwide sensation.

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