18 May 2013

Weight Loss Success Story: How One Morbidly Obese Woman Lost Half Her Body Weight

Weight loss success stories
Susan before and after her enormous weight loss

Weight loss success stories never fail to gives hope to fellow aspirant like me. But some weight loss stories are simply profit-oriented. Annoying gimmick. There's no or very little honesty behind such stories, but to increase sales. It's not however fair to label all weight loss products are the same. I know some weight loss products that are really work, but you have to empty your hard earned money from your wallet.  

Weight loss success stories
Keep focused on her goal: Susan during her weight loss journey
But this following story I am about to share is of no gimmick. This is an inspiring weight loss success story from a girl named Susan. She started at 126 kg and she lost more than 60 kg within 3 years. That means she lost weight at an average of half a kilogram a week or 2 kilograms a month (4.4 pounds a month on average). According to Susan, her strong determination and focusing on her goals to lose weight are what bring her thus far. She is still maintaining her healthy weight at 59 kg. 3 years is like a long journey but the efforts is seem to be paying off.

How did she lost half of her body weight?
Susan did not follow any fad diets. She neither use any meal replacements of any kind nor diet pills. She didn't either buy expensive exercise machines or gym membership, or weight loss DVD and books. Her key of success are:
  • Tools - an ordinary $9 calorie counter book. 
  • Tips - She wrote down and calculated ALL the calories she consumed in daily basis. 

Diet Plan that Works on Her
She allowed herself 1200-1500 calories a day. Susan choose to be a Vegetarian when she began her weight loss journey. So, her eating plan incorporates the fact that she do not eat any meat. She ate fresh food wherever possible, she keep a healthy balanced diet which included lots of vegetables, salads and fruit and cut down on processed foods.

Weight loss success stories
From morbidly obese to slim: Susan has lost half her body weight in 3 years

What is her exercise plan?
Susan has a chronic health issues but her disabilities won't stop her from moving. She work out in chest deep water at a swimming pool which allowed her to burn calories without causing her body pain.

When not in the pool, she try to stay active and do 30 minutes of simple exercise a day.
Her 30 minute routine of exercise (4-5 times a week):
  • Warm up routine - 10 minutes
  • Eliptical trainer - 300-500 steps (takes about 4 minutes) 
  • Standing ab exercises - 1-3 reps of 15 of each (6 minutes)
  • Standing tricep kick backs - 1-3 reps of 15 (4 minutes)
  • Sit up (crunches) using ab cradle to support neck - 3 reps of 15 (3 minutes)
  • Leg raises using ab cradle (outer and inner) - 3 reps of 15 each one (takes about 3 mins)
Weight loss success stories
Susan had sleep apnea due to being so big  


Susan said: "If I can do it - You can do it."  What a powerful encouragement. You can read more about Susan on her very own blog, Half the Woman. Losing weight is a mental decision. And when you have make the decision to lose weight, you have to remain mentally strong. It's a daily struggle. But just like what Susan said, if she can do it, so will the rest of us.

Are you inspired when you watch someone's challenges in losing weight? If you know any great weight loss story, please share to us. We want to know how they did it! 

*Pictures use are all copyright to Susan and Half the Woman

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  1. G'day from Susan - just wanted to thank you so much for your very kind words. It was lovely of you to share my story and I so hope my story will be beneficial and inspiring to others - much love - Susan

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for letting me share your story here. I hope your success will inspire others too.

  3. Losing weight needs a great self discipline and a lot of hard work. Magic does not exists in this world. We cannot lose weight with a glimpse of an eye or by using magic as what we can see to some movies. Very inspiring story

  4. Hi HoneyBee! Wow, her story is amazing...what an inspiration! Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up! Wishing you much success on your weight-loss journey...have a blessed evening!

    1. Amazing, Michell. I'm so inspired. Her story gives me hope.

  5. That's incredible! Great job to her!

  6. This is really great, determination does go a long way! I am challenged by this, not for weight loss but for my dream at hand, thanks for sharing HoneyBee! Have a super blessed weekend!

    1. And I am glad you stop by and leave some comment love here. Have a great day to you, too.

  7. What a great story and I love that Susan did it with real work and determination! Fabulous!

    Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest!

    1. This is a late reply but happy Sharefest to you too, Carli.

  8. So inspiring!! What an inspiration!

  9. I've been using the easy weight loss hypnosis app recording for many months now and have lost almost 55lbs now. The audio is clear, the music is pleasant to listen to, and the technique used is very good. I've used other hypnosis recordings in the past, and haven't stuck with any of them until this one. I noticed changes in the amounts I ate and the speed I ate them at within just a few days of listening to them.

    1. Sounds great. I'll check about it later. Thanks for visiting, Shazia.

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  12. Losing 60 Kg is really wonderful. She chooses a correct way to lose weight. When we are mentally strong about losing weight it will be a easy thing. You can use natural appetite suppressant. It will keeps you aside from cravings of your appetite and it will increases the metabolic rate of your system.

  13. hey its a great transformation.. Congrats.. I have also hired a women fitness trainer to reduce my fat.


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