04 May 2013

Help, I'm an Eating Monster! I Really Can't Stop Eating

I can't stop eating!

I am not hungry but I eat uncontrollably. I can knock off a huge bag of potato chips, and keep going until I'm done. I can eat endless breads, cakes and crackers and be hungry an hour later. I just can't seem to get full or stay full. It's the week before I will start my period.

I can't stop eating before my period
The week before a "friend" visit: Ladies, are you familiar with this?

Ladies, I know you're familiar with this. Dieting before period or on a period is frustrating. Moreover, if you are someone who have to deal with menstrual pain.  

I'd like to hear from you... 
How do you prevent PMS from destroying your diet?

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  1. Yes...that's it EXACLTY!! A friend at work told me the constant expression on my face changes the week before and she can tell. Love those pics!

  2. This may not help now but might give you hope for the future -- mine has gotten a lot better as I've gotten older. Mostly because I can't stomach an entire bag of potato chips and a whole coconut cream pie anymore.

    I try not to have those things in the house. I try to have fresh fruits and veggies and do some prep work when I'm still feeling okay so they're easy to grab when I'm not. And I try to use slightly healthier options. When I was sweet, maybe I'll eat a fruit roll instead of a candy bar. When I want salty I'll eat a couple of pickles instead of the bag of potato chips. And I share more. If I give away half of the candy bar it's no longer there to tempt me. It's not about getting full, because food isn't what's missing in those times. It's about putting a bandaid on long enough to do something about what's really bothering me.

    Spending time with friends, journaling about my feelings, playing loud angry music. Those things help because, for me, it's more about emotions.

    Good luck. I hope you find your way. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks for sharing your tips, missrobin. All this while I thought that eating like crazy before your period has something to do with your hormone and you can't do anything about it. you know, this is so helpful. at last, i have some ideas how to deal with it.

  3. HA! I can so relate to those pictures!! Chocolate is my weakness during this time and I just keep low calorie Skinny Cows around. It really is my lifesaver! And so I don't get discouraged, I stay away from the scale. I retain so much water during this time. (or something) Pretty much I just try not to dwell on how bad I am feeling. I try to stay busy during this time and rest with naps when I need to.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  4. Ha I love those pictures!!! That's me all the way. The way I deal with it is to track my cycle. When I knownits coming I make sure to have lots of fruits and veggies and not potatoe chips or I will eat the whole bag! Great post.


  5. Stopping by from SITS. I had to click on your link because i can totally relate to the title. I am actually eating as I type this! Those pictures are classic!

  6. The pics are great! I agree, the week before my period all I want is sweets and chocolates! Good Luck!


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