12 April 2013

Are Your Love-Hate Relationship With Exercise Making You Fat? You Need These Reality Check!

Yay! I did full body workouts for 3 days in a row and plan to be consistent. For some people, this is nothing to brag about. I knew some people running up to 12K. But for me, this is consider big. I manage to drag my lazy fat butt to exercise. I eat pretty clean all this week but I'm still learning every day, trying to improve my diet. That two are my NSV this week.
Photo Credit lazy to exercise image by Jokeroo from weheartit.com
Photo Credit lazy to exercise image by Jokeroo from weheartit.com
I am constantly blaming my love for food to not exercise. I think exercising will makes no difference if I keep eating. But a weight loss bet with my diet buddy is a motivation for me to do exercise. I am not too familiar with the DietBet game, but we do something similar to that. We are going to report our progress this end of April and we must lose at least 3kg or the loser will have to pay $25 to the winner. If we both reach the goal, then it will be 0-0 draw.

Do you make excuses for not exercising? I read Dave Nuku's points of view on Shape magazine on ways to beat those most common excuses once and for all, and glad to share with you. Dave Nuku is the regional fitness manager at Fitness First.

Excuse #1 - You love food very much. You thought, exercising will makes no difference if you keep eating.
Answer: Exercise always makes a huge difference to your health and elevate your mood immediately no matter your diet is bad or not. Balanced healthy diet and exercise is a winning combination, but even if you can do only one, it's worth doing.
Love to eat, but hate exercise
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Excuse #2 - You really hate exercising.
Answer: No one is born loving exercise. Start small, and find activities that you like — cycling, walking the dog, or badminton. If you like doing something, you'll keep doing it. Give yourself a chance.

Excuse #3 - You're too tired to work out at the end of the day
Answer: It's normal to not workout all the time. The key to being a consistent exerciser is to turn up at the gym without expectation on yourself to work out hard. Some workouts will be just average, and some will be incredible. But if you are consistent, you will achieve your goals.

This post is link to KTJ Weighing In. Do you have a weight loss secret to share? Let me know and share your experiences with weight loss. 

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  1. Good luck to you! i struggle with the same thing! I love food too much! But the bet is a great motivation! i did the same thing at work and lost 5 lbs. and still trying to lose more. Keep us posted to this journey!

    Delightful Ideas

    1. Great to hear from you, Lala. I'm still trying to change my relationship with food for good.

  2. Good for you on your workouts! That is definitely something to be proud of!! I really liked #3. What a good point and something I want to write down. Thanks & congrats again on your NSVs. :)

  3. Good job!!! You're making great progress. I'm on a weightloss journey as well and HATED working out in the beginning. Once it became a habit I GREW (I say grew because it happened over time) to love it. :-) Now I enjoy going to the gym.

    I'm visiting from www.artistic31mama.com and the Mom's Monday Mingle. I'm one of the co-hosts and am so happy you could join us! I hope you have a wonderful week! :-) I'm following via all your social media.

    1. Nice word, thanks for sharing your thought.

  4. You are doing so well! I need to get up and get moving.

    1. Not so well. I take one step at a time, just try to be committed Thanks for following my journey.

  5. You are doing an amazing job! I struggle with much of the same, you aren't alone! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing!

    1. It's so great to know that I'm not all alone, Katie. Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. We all have our struggles HoneyBee, but we can all overcome. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for giving me hope. I need that encouragement, Ugochi :) Thanks a lot!


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