16 April 2013

Why Diet Keep Failing: 3 Diet Destructors and Ways to Navigate the Danger Zone

I was supposed to spend the last weekend with my family at my in-laws. But we has postponed the out-of-town trip upon my sisters' unplanned visit. I had lots of fun with my single lady sisters, and my kids were having a splendid time with their aunts too. Although I enjoy the get-together time, it was not the same with my diet. Weekend is always a deadly diet destructors. It's not easy to make a good food choices in a zone like this. 

What strategy do you use to stick with your diet plan when you're in the similar surroundings?

Happy Hour: Some pictures from the weekend outing
Happy Hour: Some pictures from our weekend outing

1. Weekend and Happy Hour
Weekend is our happy hour. Since we have school off and hubs also has off Saturday and Sunday, it's just a perfect time to spend some quality family time together. Mall walking, or playground visit is tiring and I often end up breaking my diet rules.

Solution: When you enter this danger zone, Shape advice to drink water to hydrate yourself. Sometimes we are not drink enough water, so we often mistaken hunger for thirst. A proper planning before heading out for fun family outing is also helpful to avoid temptation to indulge to unhealthy choices. Plan ahead to select which restaurant to stop, and what foods to order there.

2. Vacation
As it was a school break, we choose to spent an Easter week at my parents' house. Like I always mention in my previous post, it was hard to stay committed to the diet plan when you were away from home. My parents have too many stock of foods at home. And when I have a gathering with my sisters, we love to try new recipes. So most of the activity of the week was cooking and eating.

Solution: According to Shape, it's still possible to enjoy your vacation without blowing your diet. One solution is to choose to treat yourself on even days and practice moderation on odd days. Or, if  you decide to enjoy whatever you want whenever you want it, include a plan for getting back on track as soon as you return home.

3. Long hour road travel
Boring: When you're bored on the road trip, eating seems like fun.
Boring: When you're bored on the road trip, eating seems like fun.
It took almost 2 hours drive to my in-law's house and over 2 hours drive to my parents. If my husband is not playing golf on Saturday, we usually either plan for a family outing or travel out of town to visit our parents. Snacking is one way to beat boredom on a road trip. But it's also happens to be my weight-gain culprit.

Solution: Prepare something at home an easy, healthy and portable snacks (such as nuts or some reduced-fat string cheese, or a few dried apricots, a piece of fresh fruit, or air-popped popcorn) to munch on the trip.

I want to hear from you...
  • At what situation is your diet keeps failing? 
  • How do you stick to your diet resolution when you're most likely to encounter the Diet Destructor in certain situation? 

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  1. You are so right! Weekends can hurt you and your diet. I give myself one cheat day and I usually fill it with beer. This is where porper hydration is key. I also find that if I have it (being anything sweet) in the house, I'm going to eat it. I do better with out of sight, out of mind. The best part, though, is when Monday rolls around and we can get back on track.
    Keep up the good work!
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. It's a great motto to apply to food and start losing weight. - "Out of sight, out of mind". Powerful enough. Thanks.

  2. All great advice! I am married into a family of enablers, so I have a tough time anytime we visit. (Which is often.) I actually sit in a different room (because food is constantly out in the dining room.)Sometimes it means I'm alone and called "antisocial", but it really has nothing to do with that...


    1. I can totally relate, Sarah. It's hard to stick to a diet in a surrounding like that. Either it's you who you tempted to eat one, or people offer it around and tell you it doesn't matter if you eat high cal stuff, and try to persuade you to do it.


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