04 April 2013

Kim Kardashian Maternity Fashion Disaster and March Blog Recap

Voluptuous: Kim Kardashian dressing her curvy body very well
Voluptuous: Kim Kardashian always knows how to dress her curvy body 
Curvaceous Kim Kardashian is no stranger to body hugging dress and tight clothing. Curvy is often mistaken for fat. That is why wearing well-fitting clothes is the most flattering styles to accentuates curvy body. Now pregnant and due to give birth in July, happy mom-to-be Kimmy proud of her changing shape. But she is not ready to make the fashion transition from short, tight dress to comfortable maternity clothes, just yet.

Terrible taste: Kim Kardashian is trying so hard to look pregnant in numbers of
tight and short clothes

Possibly, she is afraid that her pregnancy will makes her look heavy, and picks the style to highlight her curves. Or maybe she simply want to shows off her growing baby bump. There's no denying that Kim is seems struggling to dress her pregnant figure. And I can totally relate myself to her.

Made for pregnant mom: Kim Kardashian looks more comfortable in this roomy maternity-style wear.
Made for pregnant mom: Kim Kardashian looks more comfortable in this roomy maternity-style wear.  

I felt very fat in my last pregnancy. I looked like I was 9 months pregnant by the time I was 7 months. I vow to lose all the baby weight before I get pregnant again. I want to started a pregnancy at what would be considered a very healthy weight. I want to look pregnant and not fat when I get pregnant again. I'm always on time with my period and this is why I was a little freaked out when I missed my period a week last month. I worry about weight gain during pregnancy because I am already overweight.  Hence, silly question came up: Can I lose weight during pregnancy?

Here are another recap from March:




Your turn now! Share to me your favorite post from last month. 

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  1. Yes, Kim has such style but not when she has a baby bump!! She need to change what she wears lol... She still beautiful!

    1. Maybe she is insecure about her changing shape :) But I agree, she is glowing and beautiful.

  2. I love being comfortable when I was pregnant. These clothes don't look comfortable.

    1. It looks like she's using "trial and error" to picking her maternity wardrobe. I hope the rest of her pregnancy is blissfully comfortable and uneventful

  3. Yes kim is looking fat but heavy stylish, you know that every pregnant mother need lose and comfortable Trendy Maternity dress when she pass 8 and 9 months for save both baby and mother.



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