25 March 2013

Why NuffnangX is One of the Best Google Reader Alternative

No more Google Friend Connect (GFC)!
Many speculated that GFC will retire next after Google Reader
Wait and see: No announcement but GFC will be gone, just not yet. 
I might be behind on the whole hype but I have recently found out Google is going to be retiring Google Reader as of 1st July 2013. Blogger Reading List and Google Reader are two separate items. When you follow a blog via GFC it puts that blog in both lists. The GFC widget is not going to disappear after July. Only the Google Reader. But with the imminent closure of Google Reader, many bloggers are speculating that GFC will be next – which seems logical since it does almost exactly the same job.
Google Reader is shutting down
Going Away: Google has announced another spring cleaning-
Google Reader is shutting down on July 1, 2013
The complete retirement of Google Reader might be part of an effort to make way for Google+ and steamroll users into using the social networks. In preparation for the potential retirement of the GFC service, I have been going to alternatives like Bloglovin and NuffnangX.

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Many of you probably already know what Bloglovin' is, so I want to share another Google Reader alternative on the web. 

I wanted to make sure all of you knew that I am on NuffnangX. It's actually a mobile application for the blogging community. It is like a twitter for blogs! There’s also a web version available on www.nuffnangx.com.

With NuffnangX, you can get the same newsfeed for all your favorites. You can also import all your Google Reader Subscriptions onto NuffnangX, discover new blogs through hand-picked blogs which suits your reading preferences, follow blogs that you love just like you follow people on Twitter or Instagram. You can comment on them, heart them, and best of all, have conversations with bloggers on-the-go. That feature is called NuffnangX Conversations.

Here are some cool things about NuffnangX conversations to enhance your blog reading experience:

1. You can receive and keep track comments via your mobile app
Gone are the days where you’ll lose track of every comment after a while of not checking your blog. Because everything is on mobile, you can now receive comments on your blog via your mobile device. You’ll know instantly when you receive them because push notifications will be sent to your mobile device. So you can respond on the go at your own convenience and show your blog readers some love!

2. Your comments automatically turn into a conversation
Traditionally if you want to leave a comment on a blog, you fill up a form and then you leave a comment there. When a blogger wants to respond to it, he/she leaves another comment herself like this.

Traditional commenting: Scroll down to comment pages and fill up a form
Traditional commenting: Scroll down to comment pages and fill up a form
But NuffnangX conversations lumps comments into conversation threads. No filling form just only text what you want to write. Easy enough!
Easy: Conversation threads with NuffnangX
Easy: Conversation threads with NuffnangX

3. You can moderate your conversations too
By default, your conversation moderation will be turned off. However, you can moderate your conversations by logging onto the NuffnangX website.

Sign up for NuffnangX today and lets follow each other through Nuffnang X. To download the mobile app, check it out on the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Or if you prefer to use the computer, you can check out the NuffnangX website.

I'd love to hear what you think. Remember to leave me your Blog URL and NuffnangX URL with your comment, so I can check your blog and follow you via NuffnangX too!

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  1. Very informative post!!! Thanks so much for sharing - I have been reading all the hype on the GFC going - but when I searched, like you have said I couldn't actually find any information about it disappearing - just Google Reader.

    Lovely blog - I'm looking forward to reading more and am now following via GFC.

    Thanks so much for following The Active Mum! It's lovely to 'meet' you.

    Aanie x

    1. Yeah, many people get confuse with Google reader and GFC. It's actually different. Thanks for stopping by and follow. Appreciate it. :)


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