08 March 2013

Non-Scale Victories: Make Time for Fitness

Yay! I just finished my workout today. The second workout for this week. Not big but that is my Non-Scale Victories this week.

Working out at home can be so tricky, with the kids pulling your leg (they thinks it's funny) and climb behind you to play cowboy riding a horse. That's why morning is the best time to exercise for me. The only problem is I am not a morning person. Perhaps I'm lucky today. I make the kids busy with drawing and coloring, so I managed to finish a short 30 minutes walking workout with Leslie Sansone and 10-minutes dumbbell workout. I have to get up extra early tomorrow morning to exercise, or I am going to miss another fun workout.

Actually it's easier than you think to sneaking exercise into your busy day. You only need to be a little creative. Women's Fitness Magazine gives me some idea and am glad to share with you here.

1. Use your TV time wisely
Get off the sofa  to change the channel, exercise bike while watching or try some simple exercise during commercial breaks.

2. Do the workout math

If you only have 10 minutes spare, do a few sets of fast, explosive exercise such as jumping lunges to boost your metabolism. I love BeFiT on YouTube channel and subscribe to them. They offers 10 minutes fat blasting workout videos that you can try.

3. Get organised
Track your time over a few days to see gaps where you can squeeze a quick workout. You'll be shocked at how much time you can save by cutting down your shower time from 15 minutes to 10.

When is your best time of day to exercise? And why?

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  1. Awesome victory this week!!

    My best time to exercise is in the evenings after I get home from work and have dinner. Usually around 8:00pm. That means I'm done by 8:45 and I can shower and be asleep by 10:00pm. I tried waking up early, but I am by no means a morning person. I don't turn fully human until about 8:00am :)

    From Chunky to Funky

    1. I wish I could do better this week. Thanks for celebrating with me.

  2. Good tips. I've got to get back into working out. I have a video that I do, but haven't been keeping up with it. I like to walk and do it when I get a chance. Maybe I will go around the block shortly. Except it's kind chilly out. Excuses, excuses.

    1. Nice to hear from you, Sue. I love home workout video. I don't need a gym if I keep up with it.

  3. Great job this week, Honeybee!! I love the tip about using TV time wisely! I used to try to run in place during commercials or do core twists :)

    1. Thanks for such a kind words. Sometimes I feel that TV commercial breaks are too long. Instead of complaining about it, I discover that I can actually take an advantage from it by fitting in a workout in my own. Lunges, squat...It's a great way to make a TV habit healthy. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I like exercising in the morning. It gives me energy for the rest of the day.

    1. I'm not a morning person, still trying to get that extra early start to my day.

  5. I like hitting curves in the morning, after I've had my morning coffee. :-) Now, with a lame wing, since shoulder surgery, I'm no good with Curves until I'm cleared by my dr. Followed you from SITS Sharefest. Have a blessed day!

  6. That is a great NSV! I am pretty lucky that my kids are grown now and I can have "me" time. Keep up the hard work!!

    I am stopping by from Non Scale Victory Link Up!!



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