03 July 2013

Letter to Myself #2: Feeling So Guilty About Food? Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Do you ever feel stressed out after ate something that wasn't on the weight loss plan you're following?

I used to and still dealing with guilt after eating. After give in to cravings, I will feel horrible that I will say, "Oh well, I blew my diet. I will carry on eating junk and the heck with it." Do you really need to worry? Feeling sorry for yourself and being frustrated with your own behavior is not going to take it back. It just steals your joy.

How to stop beating yourself up if you go off track?

1. Chill out
According to experts, one meal is not going to show up on the scale overnight if you eat sensibly and exercise regularly the rest of the time. Moderation is always the key. Have what you want for ONE meal - not pigging out every single day.

2. Be gentle to yourself
When you start to feel bad because you fell off the wagon, didn't exercise, or ate fried food, stop it by thinking about things that makes you happy. A good book, your upcoming vacations, or maybe a pretty landscape. Self-criticism makes you sick. It effects your self esteem, fills you with stress hormones, and will causes you to sabotage your own best efforts.

3. Create a healthy relationship with food
Food is neither good or bad. Foods give your body energy to carry out the complex functions it was designed to do. You have more power over food. Not the food. You're the one who make decision over food, cakes, coffee, and soda. You must be on guard against eating for pleasure. With determination, anyone can fix bad eating habits. So skip the guilt! What you eat does not define you as a person.

4. Be realistic
No one eats perfectly all the time. You are giving yourself permission to do this, and as soon as it’s over, you should go back to the eating plan you normally follow. This is not a license to overeat and binge.

5. Make the right choice 
Indulgence is not a crime. It is only a one-time affair. But you need to do something about it when it has becomes a constant indulgence. You know which foods make you feel tired, bloated or sluggish and which foods make you feel satisfied and give you energy.

Dear myself, you demand respect and encouragement from people you know. You deserve it. Demand it from yourself.

It's your turn...
What do you do when your weight loss plan are not going as planned?

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  1. What a beautiful picture!! You give great advice in this post. I was feeling terrible about my bad eating in Portland last weekend, but I just had to start back at square one and realize that I am allowed to splurge on a vacation :) right? :)

  2. It's tough this time of year - so many days to go off track. By the way do you use any fitness or weight loss apps on your phone? I had a Livestrong one to lose baby weight from my first baby years ago but I never knew how legit it was.

  3. I totally agree with you... "self criticism makes you sick!" I think our biggest enemy is ourselves and how we criticize ourselves... I get that way too when I give in to a craving but I think that the best way to keep on a diet is to still not deprive yourself (but still have some discipline to not overly pig out, right?) :)

    Have a great day!

    Visiting from www.rheaetcetera.com

  4. I think a person does need to chew themselves out a little for overeating--because it is *not* okay.

    Each big binge undoes an entire week's work of eating well. That's why chubby people are so frustrated. They keep saying to forgive themselves and that nobody eats perfectly, but those types of comments keep a person chubby. I think a person should fully absorb the feeling of being disappointed in overeating--and learn from it. My advice for a person who is off-track: start food journaling. It worked wonders for me. :D

    :-) Marion

  5. That is beautiful pic, Honey! I really like this post. Those are fantastic ways to get over food guilt.

  6. This picture is beautiful. I'm glad you included it. Being realistic is so important. The other tips are good as well.

  7. What a nice compliment, Nellie. Thanks. Yes, I'm advising myself. Going off track for one day shouldn't be a nightmare.

  8. I use lose it app, Tamara. But I'm so bad at counting calories. Glad you stop by. Thanks.

  9. Rhea D, I'm glad you share your thought here. Thanks

  10. Marion Shaw, Thanks for your kind advice. Appreciate you make time to share your thought here. I'm so bad at food journaling but I'll try to do that and see how it will works to uncover my bad habits. Thanks so much!

  11. I used to beat myself up about what I was eating and sometimes I didn't make the best of choices, but I've learned to eat what I love, but keep in mind that moderation is always key.

    That's a beautiful pic! :-)


  12. *sigh* I do get frustrated when I decide to splurge on an unhealthy meal! I do get over by remembering that one meal isn't going to make or break me.

  13. I do get down on myself if I eat something that 's not on my "healthy" list. But, I get frustrated when all I do is eat healthy and I see no results on the scale. That's frustrating.

  14. Stopping in from the Aloha Friday link-up! Love your blog and excited to read more on your weight loss journey! Your newest follower via GFC! I'd love it if you checked out my blog as well :)


  15. Usually I eat healthy but sometimes I fall off the wagon. Its those days that I tell myself, well its a good thing I run. :) I have a hard time feeling guilty -- I like food too much!


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