17 April 2013

Non Scale Motivation to Lose Weight

This is a bit late. 

I renewed my weight loss commitment last week and promise to weigh myself every Monday to track my progress. So I already started to exercise everyday and watch what I eat. Sisterly outing last weekend was fun and I slipped my diet a bit but I make sure I didn't went too far.

However, it was so upsetting when I step on the scale last Monday. Though I didn't expect any loss, I wish that I would at least maintain my weight after a religious workouts all the previous week. And I get so frustrated to gained weight!

I just thought that a little cheat on the weekend will not ruin my weight loss effort. The weigh-in result pissed me off and I break my vow to not eat instant noodles and any fat food the whole month. Instead, I ate mindlessly the whole Monday. Now I come back to my sane. Dust myself off and back on track.

My motivation is starting to wane, but apart from the April weight loss goal and this 101 reason to lose weight, this few non-scale factor are what actually power me through to hopping back on the diet wagon.

1) New handphone
Pink Galaxy Note 2
Pink Galaxy Note 2
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My old handphone need a change. Even though the apps, email, and Internet access came in handy as a stay-at-home mom, but it’s the convenience that interest me. Calendar, phone book, Agenda, Calculator, camera, entertainment for myself and kids, research tool, GPS, iPod, run tracker, dictionary and phone all in one neat little package, you can fit it in any pocket or handbag! I like to takes pictures of my children and it only takes 2 seconds to whip out your phone to catch anything that wasn’t planned. The hubs promise to rewards me with a new handphone if only I reach the 50kg target. I am really eyeing on that smartphone and I want so much to lose weight to be able to claim my 'prize'.

2) Weight loss bet
If you still remember, I make a weight loss bet with my diet buddy. If any one of us fail to lose at least 3kg this month, she has to pay $25 to the winner. Though the amount is small, I still refuse to be the loser.

3) Old picture

I hate to publish my unphotoshopped picture online. I never feel comfortable to have old friends seeing how in bad shape I am now. I never feel good about myself after have gained a horrendous 20kg amount of weight the past 2 years. This non airbrushed picture is exclusively for Her Diary reader only LOL. Comparing myself now with my old self giving me a boost of motivation. I want to back to my old self and get my mojo back! Our 6th wedding anniversary is around the corner, it's on May. I want to take a wedding anniversary picture with a "wedding concept" and I want to look fabulous in every snap. That is another strong reason to lose weight.  

Back to you: This April, what is going to give you the burning drive to stick to your weight-loss plan? They should be something that will drive you to work harder.

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  1. I look forward to following along! Good luck! You are off to a great start!

    1. Not so well, but am trying to be better. Thanks for the encouragement, Chris.

  2. I did great last month, but this month my scale won't budge. It's making me crazy. We just have to keep trying. I make my weigh in day on Saturday morning. It keeps me sane because Mondays are already bad enough, right?
    Keep working toward your goal,
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Laurie. I usually spoiled on weekend, so I better weigh in in the middle of the week instead.

  3. great post! I really need to motivate myself too, to lose weight! :o

  4. You're going to have weeks like that. Just pull yourself back on track (as it sounds you have) and you've got this!



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