20 May 2013

Celebrity Tips: Kim Kardashian's 7 Ways to Lose 7 Pounds in 7 Seconds

Forget the fat jokes. Kim Kardashian is pregnant and gaining weight during pregnancy is normal.

Before her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian is no doubt well known for her curvacious figure. She is not tall and carrying a few extra pounds can become instantly noticeable. She is reportedly very careful with her diet. She cut out all sugar from her diet and make sure the food she puts on her plate is light, healthy and nutritious. If you were struggling for a way to relate to Kim Kardashian, you can learn from this reality star some quick fixes to look 7 pounds lighter in 7 seconds.

1. Wear Black
Wearing black is a popular trick to makes you look thinner. Black has a slimming effect, but that doesn't means that you should always wear black from head to toe. Try choosing from a large number of colors such as brown, dark green, dark blue.

2. Wear High Heels
Kim Kardashian wear a nude platform heels to makes her look taller and thinner. (Left)
Steal the Look: Kiss & Tell Ashleigh Pumps (Right) 
You can wear high heels which at least two inches to make your leg look longer and slimmer. Avoid shoes with ankle straps if you have thick ankles as they making your legs look stumpy and short.

3. Wear a Trendy Tunic
If you have problems with the belly, tunic outfit is the perfect choice. Choose tunics in flowing fabrics that hit just below the hip. They look their best over slim jeans or leggings.
Kim Kardashian in all black lace clothing. Image by WENN (Left)
Steal the look: Black Short Dress (Right) 

Tunic is in fashion again. Wear tunic like Kim Kardashian to look your slimmest. (Left)
Steal the Look: FLOW Ning's Fling Short Sleeve Printed Tunic (Right)   
4. Highlight your best features
Kim make a statement with this oversize belt. (Left)
Steal the Look: Dandelion Faux Leather Waist Belt with Metal Plate Buckle (Right) 
If you have a well define waist like Kim Kardashian, show off that tiny waist by choosing waist defining tops or wear chunky belt to accentuate your waist. If you carry most of your weight up top, draw the attention away by wearing very bold colored high heels or glam your dress with jewelry.

5. Pull your hair up

If you have long hair, put it in a high ponytail and your face will look much thinner. If your hair is shorter, style it in loose curls and waves for a slimming effect.

6. Wear Jacket

A shapely, single-breasted, tailored jacket with princess seaming works like a charm and makes you look both thinner and taller. Kim Kardashian makes sure that her blazer or jacket comes to at least mid hip length. This will give a smooth and balance look.

7. Stand up straight
Stop slouching! You've heard it from your mother and she was right. Standing up straight, pulling your shoulders back and sucking in your tummy, you'll look two to three inches taller and 7 pounds slimmer--instantly.

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Do you have any secret way to look thinner instantly? Add it in the comment. Don't worry, your secret is safe here. This post is a link-up to RX Fitness Lady.

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  1. Very useful tips! 7 second slim down tips will go in all the ladies back pocket! You have made some changes on here in the last few days. Love the new header. Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. I knew I had to read this how to. Seven second weight loss would be a record for me! I like accentuating your best feature. While I have rather wide hips, I think it help my waist look smaller. Thanks for tips. I will have to incoorporate them the next time I get ready to leave the house.

  3. I wore a lot of black and dark color in general when I was heavier. Now that the pounds are melted, I still find myself stuck in mostly dark colors. It's an effort to get colorful with my outfits because I'm not used to it. GAH!

  4. No wonder when my hair is up people tell me I look like Im losing weight LOL... I was just having a bad hair day! I will have to keep this in mind Great tips!!!

  5. Really great tips. I love that anyone can do it and instantly improve their look. I'm especially partial to #7. Slouching makes you look unhealthy and insecure. Nothing like a great posture to give you presence (say the chriopractor :)

  6. Wearing high heels can really work wonders! I really like these tips. My posture needs some work...#mbc

  7. Love the short jackets. Heel also help you work all those leg muscles. It's all is what you wear and how you wear it. Kim definitely knows how to dress to flatter her curves.
    Lulu and Daisy

  8. Hi there from PFL’s link up! These are great tips…especially about wearing heels. It took until I had two kids for me to accept the flats trend…and even then it’s a bit begrudgingly. Heels do wonders for the legs!

  9. Love these tips! Visiting from the link up. A black dress is my go to outfit for slimming!

  10. Black is a great cover up, a nice jacket will also help. I love the look of heels, but I'm past that stage, great tips. Visiting from #mbc

  11. Thanks everyone for sharing your thought about this. Black is definitely in for me right now. But the color is kinda boring. :( I'm heading over to visit your blog.

  12. Black is staple in my closet even in the summer, i just break it up with pops of color or neutrals

  13. These are all really helpful tips! I need to stand up straighter and I love wearing black...its so slimming!


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