28 September 2012

Binge Eating of the Month

I am being seriously emotional today. Feeling stressed out for no reason. The worst is I've lost count of how many calories have I had today. I eat and eat and eat to fill my emptiness.


Emptiness? Why do I suddenly feel empty and worthless?

I checked the calendar and oh yeah...Miss P is going to visit me next week.

It's no wonder I have this miserable mood swings today. I tend to lose my temper over some little thing when I am near to my period. I will start to get weird food cravings and eat a lot but still not feel satisfied.

Girls out there, does anyone of you regularly binge eat before your period?

P/s: Dear husband, sorry if I ever use you as an emotional punching bag when I'm on my period :p Thanks for always being so understanding.

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