07 September 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: How Sarah Lost Over 100lbs After Having a Baby

Nothing is more enlightened than reading weight loss stories from people who have success their goal. They are extra motivating when we learn how they lose weight without magic pills or some sort of weight loss product. Nothing is wrong with using weight loss product to aids your weight loss effort. But it's just tiring to try one after one weight loss product and see nothing work but lighten your wallet.  Save some money and potential health risk, because losing weight without the pills is possible. Just ask Sarah.

Sarah Murphy started her weight loss journey several months after she had her second child and done with breastfeeding her for over 6 months.Through diet and exercise she has successfully lost over 100lbs since then.

Sarah's Workout Plan

1. Slim in 6.It’s a six-week program and she lost over 15 inches off her body.
2. P90X. According to Sarah, it was so intense at first but she did what she could and improved. She couldn’t even do a push-up on her knees, but today she can do well over 25 push-ups in a row and keep improving.

Sarah's Diet Plan

1. Don’t eat fast food and try to eat from home.
2. Eliminated high fructose corn syrup.
3. Her meals consist of a good source protein, lots of veggies and then she’ll add in either a brown rice, sweet potato or red potato.
4. Make things simple and do eat the same meal probably more than once a week.
5. Use a meal replacement shake because she's a busy mother and always worried about what the kids will eat and not herself.

Having her weight loss goal became a reality, Sarah blogs to help others through their challenges while helping herself at the same time. Visit Sarah's blog: Sarah Murphy if you need some push with your weight loss goal. She is now on 90 Days Healthy Challenge and in a mission to get a flat stomach again.    You can also find her on Facebook: sarahbmurphy16

Pictures are copyright by Sarah Murphy. If you know any great weight loss success stories, please share to us. We would like to hear about it.

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  1. No way! That was her?!?!?! She loooks fab!!!

  2. Weight loss stories are so inspiring. I am on my own journey right now and have lost 14 lbs in 5 weeks. I'm so excited about getting healthier.


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