07 September 2012

September's Weight Loss Challenge

I read a blog called I Will Be Skinny. The blogger makes a recap of his goal for last month. It inspired me to breakdown my long-term goal into less overwhelming mini goals.I don't make any progress last month. So I hope this new strategy will help me to stay motivated on my weight loss journey.

  • I want to lose 20kg.
  • I want to fit into a body hugging dress without wearing a corset underneath.
  • I want to eat the most delicious cakes in the world without anyone complains about dieting and losing weight.
  • I want to shrink my stomach, so that people will stop asking me when I will due when I'm not pregnant.
  • Awkward: Either I'll star wearing this t-shirt or I lose weight 
    to make people stop asking about my due date. 
Ultimate reward: Take wedding photo shoot for anniversary. No more airbrush help to make me look slimmer.

  • I will lose at least 4kg this month.
  • I will lose an inch around my waist.
Long lashes: looking forward to get Kim Kardashian's double lashes
 look if I lose 4kg this month

Monthly reward: I will treat myself to eyelash extension.


  • I want to workout 5 times a week.
  • I want to cut out carbs from my diet. (No rice, noodle, biscuits, pasta and bread)

  • Weekly reward: I will treat myself to a karaoke session this weekend.

    • I will exercise first thing in the morning - every morning, after my Quiet Time. 
    • I must drink at least 8 glass of water.
    • I must eat at least 1 serve of fruits.

    Daily reward: I will give myself 10 points for doing exercise, 10 points if I consume 8 glasses of water, another 10 points for eating at least 1 serve of fruits per day. If I success to collect at least 300 points in two weeks, I am oblige myself to a spa treatment.

    I will start everything today but all rewards are take place next week. What about your mini goals. Mind to share it here?

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    1. This loks really good, good luck!

    2. Great idea on writing mini goals, that way your end result won't look impossible! My trainer told me that I needed to lose 60 lbs and that sounded insane but I started having a 3 lb per week weight loss goal and I've lost 35lbs so the short goals will take you to your big goal =) And if you don't have any results for a week don't beat yourself up just start over!

    3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I started following you, so I am looking forward to keeping up with you and your progress.

    4. I sent your articles links to all my contacts and they all love it including me.


    You never know who you are inspiring today. Post your comment and talk about it!

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