27 September 2012

Goodbye Eyelashes Extension!

Goodbye eyelashes extension. See you next month!

My real eyelashes are very short. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Curvy, thick, and long eyelashes is always attractive. They add zing to the eyes and make it beautiful. It's hard to deny that long curl eyelashes can be a powerful weapon of seduction. Just look at Kim Kardashian heart-melting lashes. And I make my weight loss goal this month, to lose at least 4kg. As a reward I'll get myself the gorgeous eyelashes extension.

But it only less than a week before the month of September ends. I am not even close to my goal. I started at 67.9kg when I attempt to start over a water fast two weeks ago. I lost a good number of 2kg  during the period. But then I lost my focus. And from 65.5kg, I went back to 66.7kg. It's actually only 1 more kg to lose before I reach this month's goal. Gaining 1 kg in 3 days isn't that difficult. But losing half a kilo in a week is damn hard!

I have a friend's wedding to attend this weekend. So I gotta say, I've lost my chance to shows off my killer looking eyelash extensions. LOL.

Time frame is not important, as my weight loss buddy use to say.

I agree that it is better to maintain a moderate weight loss over a prolonged period than to regain from a marked weight loss.

But one way for me to stay motivated (and keep getting up after failing one) as I try to lose is by setting a weight loss goal within a reasonable time frame.

My ultimate goal is to lose 20kg, but I'm looking forward to lose at least 8kg before Christmas.

Goodbye eyelash extension, for now. I'll get you in 4 weeks time.

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