14 July 2012

Day 6 on a 40 days of Water Fasting: Hungry, Weak and Shaky on a Water Fast

Today is my day 6 on a water fast.
Yesterday I was feeling slightly weak, but this morning it hit full force. I woke up this morning and immediately feel weak, hungry and I was shaking.

I know that fasting blackouts and dizziness are common on a water fast. They are due to increased levels of toxins circulating in the blood and from low blood sugar and lowered blood pressure. The body conserves energy during a water fast and slows all the organs including the heart. When you stand, the blood pools in the legs. It always takes more time for the blood to reach the head because everything has slowed down, including the rate of the heart beat, so blood pressure probably has dropped. The blood sugar does reestablish a new equilibrium in the second and third week and then the dizziness may cease.

To avoid blackout, I take a few minutes lying on bed and breathe deeply. I stand up very slowly, moving from a lying to a sitting position, pausing there for twenty seconds, and then rising slowly to a standing position. This is the trick to lower our body’s center of gravity to balance our blood pressure and get blood back to the brain.

But the dizziness didn't cease immediately, I'm still shaking. At that time, the kids are crying and fighting with each other, seeking for my quick attention. It's breakfast time and they haven't had one yet so I get them and their father durian roll cakes and tausa piang for breakfast because they are simple and easy to prepare. My husband complaint that I should eat a little bit when he sees me losing my temper, and yelling at the fighting kids.

I took his complaint seriously.

Yes, weakness and hunger feeling make me bad tempered.

I have kids to look after, and I can't expect for them to behave good while I restore my energy on bed. This may be a crime in a water fast, but I'll grab a slice of durian roll cake to get a weakness quick fix this morning. I'm too weak to make salads or juicing.

I may end up miserable today, but I don't want to feel discourage so I decided to just get back on track.

What actually happens when we cheat on a water fast?

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