24 July 2012

Boost Weight Loss with Yogurt: 5 Ways to Incorporate Yogurt Into Your Diet

I never liked yogurt before.

The first time I tried it was when I saw my housemate (back on college days) eating yogurt like she's eating ice cream. It look really delicious and yummy.

But seriously, I threw up because the yogurt taste horrible for me. I started to eat yogurt again during my first pregnancy. A friend suggested that yogurt is great for expectant mother. Slowly, I become used to the smell and taste of yogurt. Today, I always enjoy my daily yogurt.

From several studies, yogurt has been found effective in boosting the immune system. But that's not all. Lactobacteria, a bacterium found in live-culture yogurt promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in the colon. A good bacteria is essential for healthy digestive system and sustained weight loss. Adding a daily dose of yogurt in your diet can help to boost your weight loss effort.

Yogurt might seem boring for some people, but hey, Australian Lifestyle & Fitness come up with 5 creative ways to incorporate yogurt into your diet.

1. Yogurt smoothie
Use plain natural yogurt into your smoothie to enhance the taste of your fruit smoothie.

2. Substitute low fat Greek yogurt for mayonnaise
Instead of mayonnaise, use yogurt as a substitute in creamy tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad. Yogurt is also an excellent substitute for sour cream in most dishes.

3. Eat it plain
Sprinkle it with some of your favourite toppings like fresh fruit, cinnamon, dark chocolate chips, or honey. Greek yogurt is especially delicious and often eaten with honey.

4. Eat yogurt with cereal
Tried cereal with yogurt. Compare to milk, yogurt is more digestible. You can also eat it with muesli and berries for a hearty and filling breakfast.

5. Frozen yogurt
Make frozen yogurt and eat it in place of fatty, high calorie ice cream.

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Frozen yogurt is my top favorite. If you have any other creative ideas on how to include yogurt into diet, don't hesitate to share it here. You might have some delicious yogurt smoothie recipes that I could try.

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  1. I like frozen yogurt the most. For me its better than ice cream.

  2. i choose frozen yogurt too.


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