16 July 2012

Yay! No Acne Fears Now!

Our faces show people a million things about us. The expressions we make and the individual beauty of each face is how we distinguish and recognise each other. When a face is covered in acne it really affects self confidence.

If it’s affecting you then read on to find some safe tips to help you completely rid yourself of the acne troubles.

1. Sandal wood is the best natural medicine to clear acne.
You can mix the sandal wood powder in water and apply on the affected areas and on blemishes. As sandal wood acts as a soothing ingredient there will be no burning sensation.

2. Consuming ginger and garlic really helps in avoiding acne. 
As they have a lot of natural anti-bacterial properties and act as excellent antibiotics.

3. A face mask of honey and cinnamon can also be applied that can be washed after 10 minutes.
This will remove the excess oil from your face and give a clear and clean skin tone.

4. A camomile teabag once cooled can be placed on the blemishes and removed after few minutes. This will reduce the redness and swelling around the area will disappear.

5. Applying an ice cube at the starting stage of the acne formation will also be helpful in clearing it at the primitive stage only. It will also reduce the reddish swelling on the skin.

6. Consuming a lot of water in a day will make a lot of difference in clearing the acne. It detoxifies the skin that prevents the formation of acne.

7. The vitamin such as zinc can be consumed that diminishes the free radicals that are formed under the skin. Consuming zinc supplement on a daily basis helps you in dealing with cystic acne.

8. Use Cleansers and Toners on a daily basis as these will ensure you pores are clean and there is no build up of bacteria.

9. You can opt for a cosmetic surgery procedure that includes lasers such as Fraxel and Fractioned, CO2 resurfacing and other treatments such as microdermabrasion, dermabrasion and fillers.

10. Collagen injection can also be used to clear the scars that are left by acne. This injection stretches and fills the gaps in the skin making the scars disappear. A small amount of Neosporin applied to the affected area in the early stages can help reduce redness and fight against infection.

About the Author:
My name is Rod Kelly, a content writer from UK. I am into Health. You can follow me @thefreshhealth :)

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the nice information about a disturbing skin disease which effects not only physically but sometimes emotionally as well.
    Thanks a lot for visiting & commenting on my blog...I am following you through GFC & google+ Have a nice day.


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