09 July 2012

Day 1: Water Fast Mission Impossible

Today I embark on a 40 days water fast.

When I lose 5kg after complete a not-so-successful 15-days water fast last time, I was thrilled to give it a try again. I slip up on my diet too often after the 15-days water fast (a water fast which with a few cheats along the way) is over, so I'm thinking about starting over a water fast before I start a new diet plan. I just tired to plan what to eat today, tomorrow, next week, counting calorie and so on so sticking to a water fast will give me freedom from having to strain my brain of what to eat, while I can plan my next diet plan once the water fast is over.

I step on the scale to record my starting weight.

I am starting at 67.9kg.

I am not going to weigh myself every single day because that's not works for me. I tend to feel discourage to see up and down on the scale.

I will start today and end on August 20, 2012---that is 6 days before my friend's wedding. I'll make sure that there will be no social gathering ahead while I'm on a water fast, so that way I can escape myself from any food temptation.

Cheers, for me :)

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