14 July 2012

Day 5 on a 40 Days Water Fast: 7 Quick Tips to Survive a Water Fast

Day 5.

The ulcer on my tongue is gone today. I must say that I'm such an impatient dieter. I thought that a fasting buddy might be a great aid to motivation. Where to find a fasting buddy?

Feeling hungry for the first few days is a common stages in a water fast. That's what I'm feeling right now. I feel slightly weak, so I skip workout today. This hunger strikes reminds me of those funny Snicker commercial. The commercial go with a tagline "You are not you when you are hungry".

So true.

When you are hungry you tend to loose your patience and get irritated, you'll easily become angry. I found this water fasting tips on Pro Ana that I thought helpful to survive a water fast.

1. Try to get plenty of sleep. 
If you can't stand your stomach growling the first few days, and are tired of downing the H20, take a nap.
listen to some soothing music and drift off.

2. Get a massage.
If you can afford it, or have your partner or a close friend give you a good rub down or deep tissue massage. This really soothes muscles and makes you calm and sleepy. It helps when you're having trouble sleeping due to hunger during your fast. Plus, it awakens your body, pushes the blood around, etc.

3. Black outs
Be careful of black outs and don't exercise until you've finished the fast. Stick to stretching, light walking and deep breathing.

4. For diabetes, hypoglycemia patient
If you suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia or other similar conditions, please be very, very careful fasting. I'd say don't fast at all but if you feel you can do it safely, you may need a slice of avocado or a banana. You could also add protein powder to your juices.

5. Back pain
Sometimes during a fast, the person will experience back pain. If so, a cold pack will help.

6. Canker sores 
Canker sores can be healed quicker by dabbing tea tree oil or vitamin E on it.

7. Juice fast
If you are just too tired on your water fast, go to a juice fast and if you are already juicing, drink more carrot and melon juices for energy. Water fasts are always the hardest but fastest for weight loss and detox. Juice fast is next best and somewhat easier, especially for first time fasters.
You'll lose pounds faster if you have a fast metabolism and slower if you have a slower metabolism. On average, fasts allow you to lose 1-2 lbs per day. Some experience more around 3-5 lbs per day. You'll lose the most and the quickest during the beginning of your fast.
I think this Snickers commercial with Betty White is pretty funny. Just thought I'd share this.

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