21 June 2013

What's Your Non Scale Victory?

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've became less motivated to blog this few days. In case you've forgotten, There are 3 more days left to vote for HER WEIGHT LOSS DIARY on the DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards 2013. I want to thank everyone for your support.

Non-Scale Victory

Remember when I posted back in April that I'm back to square one? Nah, I feel that I'd never be able to lose weight, the scale has stopped moving.

Disappointed. Hopeless. 

But part of me believe that meeting my weight loss goal is still possible. After all, good health isn't always measured on scale. Non Scale Victory is about focusing on positive changes towards weight loss and building on them. This is another week to celebrate Non-Scale Victory. This post is link to KTJ Weighing In.

Last Sunday, hubs and me went to watched Man of Steel with the kids. We never go out to the movies after we have kids. I like to go on date nights, go to the movies every once in a while with my hubby, but I can't because I just hate leaving my kids with someone else. But Man of Steel sounds like a great family movie, so we celebrated Father's Day by watching the movie together. I usually don't bother to eat or drink during a movie because it's only distracting the cinematic experience. But I brought foods with me for the kids because the show time was near meal time, and in case the kids get bored. We have popcorn, hot dog buns and cup corn. This may not be the best Superman movie but the kids enjoyed.

Non Scale Victory: If we're not willing to settle for junk living, we certainly shouldn't settle for junk food.

We returned home, and my son asked for another hot dogs. He seemed to really like it, like the best hot dogs he has ever eaten. But then his request struck me. We haven't had hot dogs for almost a month now in our house! Maybe over a month, I don't remember. I realized that I've also stopped buying canned foods. But okay, last night I bought some canned tuna for the first time in 5 months.

My weight loss is maybe slow, but it's not about that weight loss deadline that matters. It's important to just focus on giving my body good food and trying to move more. 


What is your Non-Scale Victory this week? Share in the comments, and let's celebrate.

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  1. Your journey to weight loss doesn't happen in a blink of an eye. You really have to make sure that you put all your effort in getting the proper exercise and eat nutritious foods. Taking food supplements can also aid in boosting your vitamin and nutrient levels so that you can have faster metabolism and burn unwanted fats easier. :)


  2. That's a good attitude to have - you can still have victories that aren't reflected on the scale. I try to drink more water - when I do, that is a victory for me!

  3. This one didn't happen this week, but it was a victory I'll never forget. In the past, I thought I'd rather not go to a movie than have movie popcorn. I just loved it and felt I may as well not GO to the movies if I couldn't have it. It was a very important part of my experience.

    Well, I realized how awful and fatty it was and I stopped having it. Cold turkey. The first 5 movies I saw after that I missed it...a lot. I'd smell it and see other's eating it. I felt miserable. Then...it just stopped being miserable and I didn't even think about it.

    But the victory came when I went to a movie with Ashley and her sister when her sister was in town. We were sitting there talking and her sister asked if we liked to eat snacks at the theater. Before I could say anything, Ashley spoke up and said, "Lisa isn't a movie snacker. She just has water, but I'd like to leave early to get some popcorn."
    Inside I was like, "OMG...I've totally changed and I seem like a natural non movie snacker now...and I guess I am" That totally made me realized that I fully made the change and it was permanent. VICTORY!! --Lisa

  4. I stopped buying soda and for a while I craved it and now I am completely ok without it! Its one of those things I think you have to change the habit but once you do, its gone!

  5. Slow progress is still progress. Keep it up! Here from the link up!

  6. Those are great non scale victories you have posted!

  7. @Erlinda Lilly, Thanks. Sometimes it's very hard to cope with patient in losing weight.

  8. @Dana Hemelt, thanks for stopping by. It's actually difficult to drink lots of plain water daily. Drinking water is boring, but I guess I'm making some improvement. So, I count it as one of my NSV too.

  9. @The Dose of Reality, I'm glad to hear your story! Cold turkey. Maybe I should try that.

  10. @Michelle Nahom, spot on. Wisdom says: The first step is always the hardest, but it's the only way to reach the second step.

  11. @a happier girl, thanks. It's true slow weight loss is still a progress. But I was feeling impatient about my weight loss. :(

  12. Thanks Carli Alice. I'm glad to have your support.

  13. ah non scale victories for me often include turning down the foods that I want, not over eating and having more and more clothes fit. The scale can sure be a devil sometimes. Keep going girlie we got your back!


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