14 June 2013

Non Scale Victory: Ditch The White Bread

I'm a carboholic. I'm a huge fan of white bread. Bleached white flour, you know. I love pasta, and sandwiches, I eat rice everyday. For Asian, rice is inescapable! 

Then last week, my mom and me stopped by an organic shop, she bought to herself four loaves of whole grain organic breads, and gave me one. I started to like this whole grain bread ever since. I discovered few interesting things about this new found:

1/ More filling
Whole grain bread is low in fat but high in fibre and complex carbohydrates, which explains why you fill up quicker.

2/ Tastes better 
I love to eat (white) bread with peanut butter. But with whole grain bread, I don't need peanut butter spread anymore. It taste good alone.

3/ Improve bowel health 
If you said "yuck," when I write about bowel movement, you're not alone. Most people don't want to discuss going poop. But bowel movement is an important body function. So it's good to know how to relieve irregularity or constipation. Whole grains diets has help me keep my digestive system regular by promoting normal bowel movements.

Inescapable: Asian culture is big on polished white rice with all their meals

Making the switch from white bread to whole grain bread can be tough. But I've switched to whole grain bread, as opposed to white. I think my kids like white bread if they are given the option, but I want to introduce whole grain bread in my home and influence the whole family practices healthy diet.


This post link to Katie of KTJ Weighing In. Well, that is my one and only very small success this week. What is your Non-Scale Victory this week?

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  1. I love some wheat bread! I get the kind that has 12 grains (I think it's made by Arnold) and it is so delicious! Has a slight sweetness to it that is irresistable!

    My logic on feeding the kids is "Eat it or starve." LOL they'll eat it if it's the only thing in the house!

  2. I found your blog on the SITS Girls site,and I'm glad I did! I'm trying to lose weight as well, so I love visiting others who are doing the same! I'll be subscribing and liking all your social media :) I'd love for you to visit my blog as well!


  3. Niccicola LOL. I'll have to try your tips. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sara Howe, nice to know you. Let's do this together.

  5. It is extremely tough to give up carbs. I don't think I can. I have switched to whole wheat bread but I think that's all I can do because I am not a fan of brown rice. Blah! Kudos to you your awesome!

  6. Congrats! That can make a big difference as the white bread is sugar and bad carbs. You are right the whole grains will fill you up.

  7. That is great that you have made the switch! I am currently working on switching from white rice to brown rice :)

  8. I can't ditch white rice totally but I am limiting my intake on a daily basis.


  9. Kelsey S, I can't ditch white rice for brown rice for now. What does brown rice taste like?

  10. Hey CJane, limiting white rice intake on daily basis is a great NSV too!


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