02 June 2013

35 Day Challenge: Living Sugar-Free on Week 1

Today embark the first day of my first 35 Day Challenge: Drop One Dress Size in 5 Weeks Without Cardio All the best to buddies from fatsecret whom join this challenge. Are you in? Let's the game begin. Subscribe to Her Weight Loss Diary. You don't want to miss a thing.

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This week's mini challenge is a one week without sugar. The best alternatives to sugar can be found in natural, whole fruits. For example, banana, berries, and apple. You might consider a little honey if you need something sweet added to tea.

Tips for One Week Sugar-free Challenge:
1. Clean your house
It is important to rid your house of sugary foods and beverages. You can typically put sugary foods in a box hidden so I avoid any temptation.

2. Drink lots of water
Whenever you experience an intense bout of sugar cravings, try drinking a glass of water to curb the urge. People who are addicted to high levels of sugar may have difficulty identifying the difference between a sugar craving and thirst.

3. Be prepared with food
Snacking helps control hunger and rein in portion sizes at meals. Prepare or carry healthy snacks and ensure you eat before you go out anywhere.

4. Avoid hidden sugar
Be careful in what you order when going out to dine. Obviously cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, soft drinks, are crossed off the list as being loaded with sugar. Avoid processed foods altogether, you are probably consuming more refined sugars than you realize. Sugar is added to most packaged foods even if they are not sweet.

5. Get out and exercise
Respond your cravings for sugar by engaging in some type of physical activity.

6. Leave your comment on Her Weight Loss Diary 
Leave your supportive comments here and read what others have to say. Support and accountability are important elements in a weight loss challenge. Don't forget to subscribe by email to be notified of any updates to a discussion.
Don't miss a thing!

I am glad you take up the challenge. We are sugar-free for 7 days. Do you have any handy tips to add here? Share your tips in the comments. Good luck, all.

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  1. I started my sugar-free challenge yesterday. So far so good... hopefully I don't crave for cakes or anything sweet soon! :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I cut out sugar (including bad artificial sweetener) for few years, i found that the less u eat it, the less u crave it!! I love eating sweet things, and I eat my sweet from fruits, they tastes so much refreshening and tastes so much better!!
    Health Adventure

  4. Good luck! After a couple of days you shouldn't have any cravings once all the glycogen is burned up from your system. I know you can do it!

  5. I've cut out sugar recently and once you don't have it you just don't want it. And if you think you do it tastes too sweet so you can avoid it again for awhile. Are you using Stevia or is that a no too?


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