27 August 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: How Reyna Lost 60lbs and Her Muffin Top in 18 Months

Keeping track of your progress with pictures is one way to stay motivated as you lose weight. Sometimes we forget to take a look back and see how far we've come and that can get discouraging. It's nice to take a moment to go back and see how much we've truly changed and be positive about the person we are becoming.

Reyna Lay: Black and White inspired by the 50's

I don't have any progress picture of mine yet but I've discover an inspiring progress picture to motivate me. If you think you can't lose the weight, read Reyna Lay's awesome weight loss story for some diet strategies and exercise tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

60 pounds loss: Reyna Lay's progress picture

Reyna is successfully getting ripped from 222 lbs to 165 lbs. When you look at her progress picture you will tempted to ask, how long will it take until she see the weight loss results?

That is the most common question we heard from people who want to lose weight fast. Including me. People are so focus on getting skinny ASAP. But here is a word from someone who has has had success in her own weight loss journey. People want to lose weight fast but you can't achieve greatness without putting in the hard work and determination. Don't buy into all the fast fat loss crap that so many people try to sell. In the end it comes down to clean eating & working out. Don't starve yourself, instead eat 6 times a day.
As for Reyna herself, it took her a year & a half to get to her goal weight: 60 pound loss.
She worked out pretty much every day, sometimes 2 times a day, incorporated weights, cardio, HIIT, and speedwork into her routine and always pushed herself. She didn't set boundaries for herself. Check out her blog, Glamour Glory. She shares a lot of perfect workout routine you can follow. You also can find a few good inexpensive meals to eat in order to lose weight in her blog.

This is Reyna's top 10 motivation tips:

1. Get a running buddy
If your partner doesn't like to run and would rather drink a six-pack than have a six-pack, find yourself another partner (for running that is). This could be a friend, a sister, brother, mom, dad... anyone who loves to run or has the same goals, and schedule as you. Your partner should be there to motivate you!

2. Use your Emotions
If you're mad at your husband or wife or boyfriend, mom, or whatever... then run! That's the best way to let out some frustration.

3. Use Pictures
Roselyn Sanchez: Leyna's inspiration to get fit.
Pictures are a great way to motivate you, whether they're pictures of you when you used to be skinny and could fit into that tiny bikini-that won't even go up one leg anymore, or whether it is a picture of some hot celebrity like: Roselyn Sanchez. This is who I have. You can post magazine pics on your restroom mirror so you can see them when you wake up, or on the fridge, so you don't go in there and eat too much.

4. Put good music in your MP3 player
Go through your iTunes collection and make yourself a playlist-if it doesn't make you shake your head while you listen to it-or if it doesn't make you want to dance--- it will NOT make you want to run.

5. Set your alarm
A great way that I get motivated is by doing a Voice Over Alarm/ringtone. You can record a lil' something like this, "REYNA-STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING, AND GET MOTIVATED, REMEMBER THOSE PANTS YOU WANTED TO FIT INTO? WELL PUT YOUR SHOES ON AND GO RUNNING!!! IF YOU DONT RUN YOU WILL NOT FIT INTO THOSE PANTS!" then screaming louder, I add, "GO NOW OR YOU'LL STAY FAT FOREVER!!! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOOOOO! RUN YOU FATTIE!!!" I then set this as a ringtone for a certain time (when I know I'll be in my car on my way home from school, or at home, by myself B/C that would SOO be embarrasing!) and that usually motivates me to run. There's no better (or funnier) thing than to hear yourself screaming like this:)

6. I pour salt on it
If we go out to eat and you order something like pasta... something that is not going to leave enough food to take home, which then makes you want to eat it all so you wont waste it-but then makes you feel guilty after you do, I pour salt on it :) I wont eat it anymore. Either that or give it to someone else, then you really can't eat it, it'll be gone.

Inspiring: Reyna transformation picture.

7. Be Adventurous
If you hate running on the treadmill because it makes you feel like a mouse, and you hate running on the track because one lap feels like forever go somewhere unique, like a trail.

8. Change it up
If you don't want to run for 4 miles, don't! Alternate walking and running. This is especially good at a track. Run half a circle, than walk half a circle, run half a circle, walk half a circle... or walk one minute, run 2 minutes.... this is a good workout, and you burn a lot of calories doing it. Try it for 30 minutes and then head home. It will go by fast and you won't even think of how boring it was- how hard? maybe- but not boring.

9. Race Time
You could enter yourself in a race. Pay for it and everything. Give yourself enough time to get into shape for it of course. If you are a beginner, sign up for a 5k=3.1 miles, and give yourself a few months to run. This should motivate you since you don't want to be the last one to finish at the race.

10. Want it
Don't do it because your hubby thinks you are too fat, or your best friend looks better than you, or because your mom calls you the "fat daugther". Whatever! Do it because it will make you happy. If you do it for yourself, you will reap the rewards, and you will stick with it!

Q: How did you get a flat tummy & abs? What kind of ab work do you do?

A: I didn't (don't) do any ab work, not really. I did Ab ripper by P90x sometimes, prob a total of 10x in 2 rounds of p90x. What a lot of people know, but don't truly realize is that everyone has abs, most are hidden under all the fat we hold. As you eat right & do cardio you make your abs work & you burn the surrounding fat. When you run, sit up tall, or lift weights you make your ab muscles stronger & they look nicer. Your abs will begin to show as you lose that fat around them.

-Reyna on how she get the killer abs.
All pictures are copyright by Reyna's blog. Follow her blog Glamour Glory to find some weight loss inspiration and motivation. Do check out her YouTube channel reynalay as well for some weight loss tips. Reyna is expecting her second baby, and is due April's next year. You can congatulate her via her blog.
Do you know any great weight loss success story? Or do you have an inspirational story about your own weight loss? We want to know your weight loss secrets! Add your story here and give others an inspiration and motivation to lose weight today.

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