20 August 2012

Weight Loss Renewal Plan 2012

At the end of my 5 days water fast, I have lost 1.5 kg.

I started a water fast weighing 67.9 kg.

On the 5th days, I was 66.4kg.

I am far from a halfway to complete my 40 days water fasting when I discontinue my water fast on day 6.

Maybe self-control is what I'm bad at.

I have put blogging on hold for a while here because I getting myself busy with another blog, Healthy Beautiful Blog. And as I try to find momentum to blog about my weight loss journey again, so is my diet for several weeks. I ate like there's no tomorrow and I stopped exercise at all. During the period I have gained back the 1.5kg I have lost on water fasting and I maintain my weight around 67.5 kg until today.

I want to 'redeem' myself before my 31st birthday. My ultimate goal of course to melt away my belly fat, and weighs 47kg by Christmas. But for short term goal, I want to be 55kg before my coming birthday and though I can't get Jennifer Lopez's washboard abs in such a short time, my goal is at least I lose my belly fat a little and can get into my dream tube dress with less effort; No need to suck in my tummy hard anymore!

12 plans for 12 week weight loss plan before my 31st birthday:

1. Early to bed and rise early before everybody else to exercise.
2. 30 minutes cardio everyday + strength training
3. Strength training exercise for arms on day 1
4. Strength training exercise for abs on day 2
5. Strength training exercise for back and chest on day 3
6. Strength training exercise for butt on day 4
7. Strength training for leg on day 5
8. Cut white rice out of my diet, cut flour-based and added-sugar foods.
9. No junk food, no fast food for the the whole 12 weeks.
10. Mineral water, green tea are the only drinks I would have. Drink lots of plain water throughout the day.
11. Fruits in the morning, low fat yogurt in the afternoon and vegetable broth in the evening. Kind of Daniel fast diet.
12. Cutting MSG out of my diet; will use less or without oil when cooking; avoid greasy fatty and oily foods when eating out.

Yellow for joy and happiness:
I want to wear this similar dress once I reach my weight loss goal

I am renewing my weight loss plan today August 20, 2012 and check the result on November 12, 2012 --- 4 days after my birthday.

I wish myself the very best of luck.

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  1. Sorry that the fasting was a bit unsuccessful, sometimes you try things and they just don't work, for all sort of reasons. Good luck with the next period before your birthday.


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