24 August 2012

Appetite Suppressants

Food. Is. My. Weakness.


When I'm at my own home, it's a bit easy to avoid food when I'm not hungry. I usually don't stock up extra foods at home. I don't keep junk food around the house at all. Well, once in a while I crave junk food but when I do, I try to be moderate. I must confess, it's hard to control myself when I'm away from home, eating out or not at my own home.

I am spending this whole week at my parents house with the kids since it's school mid term holiday. The problem is they always have interesting food at home. I can't help myself  from eating. I renewed my weight loss plan early this week. So, this is going to be a big challenge. I am no longer want to 'start dieting tomorrow'. I want to start it now. Today.

Then dieting become easier. But not really.

I got ulcer in my inside cheek. I feel serious pain everytime I open my mouth. I can't eat or talk properly. I may get it from poor brushing method.

I remember the last time when I start over a water fast, I got this kind of ulcer but it was on the tip of my tongue. Like how I experience today, it was painful but the pain make my water fast went so well back then.

It's simply because eating make the pain worse.

There are lots of interesting foods in front of me now, but I don't have enough appetite to eat.

On the bright side, this pain benefited my diet. If it's not because of this ulcer, I may have finish a whole pizza by myself.

I only wish that there will be a less painful appetite suppressants. Mouth ulcer sucks!

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  1. Good luck with everything and thanks for the follow!

  2. Good luck. Im going give water fasting a try :)


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