30 August 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: Hard Work Pays Off! Elisa is Finally 40lbs Down

I always moved by weight loss success stories. This following success story is an amazing inspiration from a real mom, Elisa.

Elisa is always struggle with a weight issue in her whole life. She was a chubby toddler and fat gradeschooler. After getting married she gained weight pretty quickly. She cooked and therefore ate a TON more than when she was single. Exercise is a low priority because of school and she just want to spend time with her new hubby. After her second baby, exercise at home was impossible. Nap times weren't dependable and trying to work out with children grabbing legs is just pointless. Elisa signed up for gym membership but weight loss is pretty slow because she was still breast feeding.

Elisa kicked her workouts into high gear when they started transitioning baby Caroline to formula. She adjusted her food intake and going to the gym 5 days a week.

Fit, Fearless, Fabulous: Elisa before (left in June'11)
and after (right in April'12) weight loss

Elisa's workouts
Monday - core for 30 min, an hour of step aerobics.
Tuesday - dance jam for an hour.
Wednesday - an hour of barbell weight lifting and an hour of Zumba.
Thursday - recovery day.
Friday - an hour of dance.
Saturday - an hour of 'mix' class with running-kickboxing-athletic drills all mixed in there.

Elisa's Diet Plan
  • Cut calories significantly
  • Decreased portion sizes
  • Tried to make the calories really count
  • Reduced the carbs, increased the lean meat, and really increased the veggies.

Mother-daughter bonding time: Elisa with little Caroline

Diet Strategy
Discipline herself to a 'bite' of a tempting food.

With discipline and self -determination, Elisa is now 40 lbs down in 9 months and 2 weeks. She documented her weight loss in detail at All About Allans! Visit her for some weight loss tips.

Pictures are copyright by All About Allans! If you know any great weight loss success stories, please share to us. We would like to hear about it.

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