14 April 2015

[Day 2] April #Drop10 Weight Loss Challenge

I feel so accomplished today! I gets to tick off "exercise" on my to-do list first thing in the morning. When I procrastinate, I knew I'll end up doing nothing in the end. So the trick is to do first things first.

Today is Day 2 on my April #Drop10 Weight Loss Challenge. Yesterday my diet was so messed up that I decided not to blog about it. There's no reason to justify myself to everyone why I'm not losing weight last month. It's just not happening. So April is again a new chapter. Success, here I come.

The #Drop10 Diet Plan

Intermittent fasting (IF) to lose weight. I can't believe I blog about my weight loss plan with IF method on this month a year ago. I am one piteous lady, I know. Looking at my blog history, I feel like I am going round in circles with weight loss. But I'd like to remind myself and to everyone who's on the same path that weight loss failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is just part of the process of success. Comforted enough?

I choose to do a Daily Intermittent Fasting. I'll follow the Fast-5 Diet, fast for 19 hours (including sleep) and then "feed" for the remaining five hours. My eating window would be between 10am to 3pm. I'll combine this with Daniel Fast. During the eating window,

1) eat only food in its natural state, such as fresh vegetables and fruit.
2) abstain completely from party or junk foods.
3) no bread, no rice, no pasta, no cakes, no cereal, no crackers, chips or any other packaged food.
4) no meat
5) drink nothing but water and green tea. Oat milk drink is allowed.

I have attempted water fast in the past, but that's pretty tough. I guess intermittent fasting is the easiest type of fasting to stick with as you won't feel deprived.

The #Drop10 Workout Plan

Hello New Body: 4-Week Workout Plan by Jennifer Widerstrom
Hello New Body: 4-Week Workout Plan by Jennifer Widerstrom
I'll follow the 4 week workout plan created by The Biggest Loser trainer Jennifer Widerstrom. In this plan, you'll need a set of dumb-bells. You could use anywhere between 5-to-15 pounders depending on your fitness level.

1. Do each move in order for 1 minute, going as fast as you can with good form. Keep track of your reps: as in, actually write them down.
2. Ideally, each time you do the routine you're able to eke out a few more. Don't rest between moves.
3. Once you've done all 6, rest for 1 minute.
4. Then do the whole thing 4 more times.
5. Your total workout time: 5 rounds in 34 minutes.

Overachievers: If you want 'extra credit', you can jump rope or do jumping jacks during rest between sets.
Do the routine 3 days a week on alternate days. How you spend the other 4 days of the week is up to you.

Hello New Body: 4-Week Workout Plan by Jennifer Widerstrom
Hello New Body: 4-Week Workout Plan by Jennifer Widerstrom
I hate to do planks...but I want the benefits they give. This is serious, holding a basic plank is too difficult for me. My abdomen feels as if hanging heavily. I found this awesome lady on YouTube and her guidance on how to do and modify Plank exercise for your core give me some new insight.

Super massive mama! Still trying to improve her planks to get the most out of them.
The secret to success is to break down your ultimate weight loss goals into mini goals that are easy to manage.
Let me know, what your mini goals for April?

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