04 April 2015

Fitspiration Friday: Music Composer Went From 92 kg to 52 kg in 18 Months!

My baby boy (no longer a baby but he will always be my baby) is officially turns 5 on March 30. And the day also marks my 5 years of struggling with weight loss after giving birth. It took me forever!
Looks like a whole new person: Tya dedicate herself to the clean eating lifestyle and lost 40 kg of weight.
Picture from kapanlagi.com  

Kinda late for Fitspiration Friday but whatever gonna post this inspiring Success Story anyway. I'm browsing videos on YouTube when I came across this video of Tya Subiakto. She is a well known Indonesian composer and was invited to a one TV show in Indonesia to share about her weight loss story. From her heaviest weight of 92 kg, she slimmed down to 52 kg in only 18 months or 1 ½ year, NATURALLY. Wow!

People trying to lose weight always seeking for a quick result. The weight loss industry knows this best and that's why most of the weight loss product in the market bait consumers with "lose weight fast" tagline. For most people, the period of 1 and half year to lose a massive 40 kg weight sounds like a very long destination. Do your math calculation, Tya lost an average 5 pounds or 2.2 kg weight per month. Ehem..that's sound realistic. And as it's always been said, slow and steady wins the race.

Here's the video. If you're lazy to click the play button or maybe you don't quite understand what they are discussing about, please read on. I sum up below How Tya lost 40 kg in 18 months.

Wake Up Call

Tya is a music composer. Her sedentary job (and lifestyle) that requires her to sit most of the time lead to her weight gain and obesity. September 2012 was her biggest wake up call. Tya was at her heaviest weight of 92 kg, too heavy for her 165 cm frame. Shooting pain making it difficult for her to stand up while in a meeting. So she went for a medical check up straight away. USG test showed she had fatty liver.

Fatty liver occurs when excess fat accumulates inside liver cells. This means normal, healthy liver tissue becomes partly replaced with fatty tissue. The fat starts to invade the liver, gradually infiltrating the healthy liver areas, so that less and less healthy liver tissue remains. Fatty liver commonly caused by alcohol or obesity. And for Tya's case, her excess weight was the real culprit. The doctor didn't give her any medical treatment, she was advised to watch her diet instead.

Before and after weight loss: Tya still look pretty even before but she's now looks way better and healtier after reaching her ideal weight.
Picture from kapanlagi.com

Diet Plan 

Tya started off her day with lemon water. She squeeze a whole lemon into an empty cup - no water but pure lemon and guzzle it down, followed by drinking 3 cup of warm water. Lemon is known as a great source of vitamin C. Lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins built up and encourages the production of bile in your body.

For breakfast, Tya would normally blend these fruits, 1 mug respectively. So there are 5 mugs of fruit/vegetable juice altogether.
- Carrot
- Tomato
- Papaya
- Pineapple
- Apple

For lunch, she only ate steamed, boiled, grilled, and (sometimes) roasted foods. She would let herself EAT ANYTHING but strictly under these 5 golden rules:
1 - NO Rice
2 - NO Sugar
3 - NO Oil
4 - NO Frying
5 - NO Creamy Foods

For dinner, 4 mugs of fruit/vegetable juice of these fruits/veges:
- Carrot
- Tomato
- Papaya
- Apple

Exercise Plan

Workout idea: Elbow plank with side steps on couch
The couch potato workout: Tya demos the elbow plank workout with side steps to the TV host, Sarah Sechan. 
Some people work out really hard so they can enjoy good food. As for Tya, she focused more on her diet. She eat clean most of the time and balance it with low-impact exercise. She did yoga for toning and strength, and 15-minutes cardio workout on treadmill.

Tya has also mastered the art of finding exercise options in her living room. She demos the elbow plank with side steps at minute 7:00 which she used to do every morning and night on her couch.

Cheat Day 

Bad cravings can drive you nuts. Tya tame them up by setting a CHEAT DAY ONCE A WEEK. She eat clean all week and allow herself to eat whatever she's craving - ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc on that one cheat day.

I am truly inspired by her success story. If this doesn't motivate you to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, I don't know what will.
Are you embarking on a weight loss journey? What is your motivation for change? 
Share your several reasons in the comments. You know I always love to hear from you.

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