15 November 2011

Lose Fat Without A Gym: 6 Simple Move On Vibration Plate To Lose Fat Like Madonna

It is said that Madonna spends 90% of her day doing exercise. No wonder how she stay in shape. To lose fat and get a body like Madonna is a mission impossible for anyone who cannot spend a long-hour at gym to workout. Gym is a great place to start to lose fat and stay in shape, if you stick with it.

As a result of technology advancement, there is now a simpler way to lose fat without stepping your foot into a gym. LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate (Click here) is the new exercise machine, which also used by Madonna to lose fat and stay in shape.

Daily Mail also named Supermodel Claudia Schiffer and Australian singer-songwriter, model and actress Natalie Imbruglia as a fan.

“I love using Power Plate as part of my fitness regime as I can do a really intensive work out in such a short space of time. As a working mother with a hectic work schedule, using the Power Plate machine helps me stay in shape without having to spend hours in the gym.” - Claudia Schiffer

The Vibration Plate is said to be responsible for the incredible shapes of Claudia Schiffer (left) and Natalie Imbruglia

History of Vibration Plate
Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov is the responsible Russian scientist who developed this technology to prevent astronauts' muscles and bones wasting when they were in space.

Later, Dutch Olympic trainer Guus van der Meer develop the machine in 1999 for the health and fitness sector after Russian ballet dancers discovered that vibration could aid the healing of their injuries by increasing their muscular strength.

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford, credited her irritatingly toned body to Vibration Plate machine.

How It Works

Whole body vibration is achieved by being on a platform that vibrates at a high frequency, causing your muscles to contract and stretch to maintain balance without your brain being actively involved. The rapid involuntary reflex intensifies even the simplest exercises. This fast repetition of your muscles reacting along with the controlled low impact to the bones creates the growth and strength.

If you're physically fit, vibration exercise sessions should last no more than 15 minutes. If you're just beginning an exercise program, limit your time to 10 minutes per session. Whole body vibration should be used 2-3 times a week to supplement your cardiovascular workouts, with adequate time in-between sessions to recuperate.

6 Simple Move on Vibration Plate to Lose Fat

1. Perform Sit-up Twist
  • Lie on the vibration plate, feet flat on the floor, knees up and hands crossed on your chest.
  • Sit and twist to right all the way up, lifting your lower back off the floor along with your shoulder blades.
  • Keep your back straight (no hunching).
  • Lower yourself down. Repeat sit-up and this time twist to your left before lower yourself down.
  • You can twist side to side with a medicine ball in hand or twist side to side while hold a weight on your chest during sit-up to add challenge.
  • Perform as many as possible sit-up in 1 minutes.
  • Rest no longer than 60 second if you want to continue another set of repetitions.

2. Perform Push Up
  • Start with your knees or feet on the ground and hands on the vibration plate.
  • Lower yourself in a controlled way.
  • Push your abs out as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach.
  • Lead with your chest, not your head.
  • As you become stronger, rotate your body, bringing your feet or knees on the vibration plate, and your hands on the ground.

3. Perform Pelvic Bridge
  • Lie in front the Vibration Plate
  • Place your feet in the center of the plate.
  • Lift your hips off the floor and balance your body weight between your shoulder and knee.
  • Try to keep a straight line running from your shoulders to your knees.
  • Pull your belly button ‘up and in’ to activate the core of your body and maintain a strong back.
  • Hold for 60 seconds

4. Perform Lunges

  • Stand with feet together on floor facing vibraton plate one stride's distance away.
  • Place your right foot on the middle of the plate.
  • Ease your left foot back on the floor until you form a lunge position.
  • Lift your left heel so you are balance on the floor.
  • Drop your knee down towards the floor, keeping your front knee behind your toes at 90 degree angle.
  • Slowly push back up to starting position, pushing from your heel.
  • Do not lean forward when lunging.
  • Do not position your knee in front of your ankle.
  • Do not hunch forward.
  • Hold for 60 seconds before switch leg.

5. Perform Calf Raise
  • Start by standing in the center of the plate with both feet planted firmly.
  • The exercise is performed by stand on your right foot on the plate.
  • Lift your left foot off the plate and raise the heel as far as possible.
  • Hold the handle on the vibraton plate machine to find balance.
  • Hold this position for one second before back to the original position. Switch leg.
  • Perform two or three sets of five to 10 repetitions per leg.

6. Abductor Stretch
  • Stand sideways to the Vibration Plate and hold on with your inside hand.
  • Slide your outside leg behind the inside leg and then lean in towards the Vibration Plate.
  • Feel the stretch on your outside hip and do it on both sides.

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Vibration Plate on the Tyra Banks Show

If you happen to walk by an exercise equipment store, don't miss to give yourself a chance to experience the Vibration Plate and tell us what you think about LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate.

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