15 November 2011

Best Bikini Body: Healthy Diet Plan To Get Jordin Spark's Bikini Body

Jordin Spark proudly shows off her new bikini body on twitter last May.

"Before, if I were to wear a bikini, it would just be in front of my mom or really close friends with a coverup," says the pop star.

Jordin started going on hikes and doing 30 minutes of high-impact cardio after she came down with pneumonia, just before her 21st birthday last December. She also does hour-long Zumba classes up to five times a week at Gold's Gym.

Jordin Sparks Then Size 12

The "No Air" singer shares with People's reader her diet plan.

Jordin's Food Diary

½ cup vanilla Greek yogurt with ¾ cup fresh blueberries or strawberries and ¼ cup granola.

Turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with two slices of turkey, cucumber, pickles, tomato, bean sprouts and a little bit of mayo, a gala apple, and 8 oz. Throat Coat tea.

Mixed green salad with 6 oz. of grilled chicken breast, three large sliced strawberries and one serving of Newman's Own light champagne dressing, and a glass of water or tea.

Sparks nibbles on two bite-size Toblerone pieces to satisfy her sweet tooth. Plus "if I'm feeling really good, I have some Malibu rum and pineapple juice—but only on a day without a performance!"


Veggies first.

"I fill up on vegetables before bread so there's no room for it on my plate."

Make your favorite dishes for guests.

"When I make chicken Alfredo, I have my little portion and ask everyone to take seconds to get it out of the house."

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