12 May 2017

Hot or Cold Foods - Which Type of Foods are Weight Loss Friendly?

I am sparking on weight loss fire. No, I am actually burning, literally!
Don't judge a book by its cover: Green unripe chillies don't mean they are less hot.

Have you ever tried eating spicy food to lose weight? Remember that spicy foods, the one that are so spicy and makes your lips go numb. Kylie Jenner's lip effect, kind of feeling. Happening to me now. But worst! And I feel terrible.
I love spicy food. So. Much. Not because I'm told that spicy food can help you lose weight and speed metabolism. It's simply my favorite food. I thought that I have a high tolerant of spicy food than anyone else. Haha well, that's overrated. I remember last Monday I had this egg drop instant noodle soup for lunch. "Egg drop" meaning I dropped an egg into my noodle soup. Haha-

My food always taste less complete without something spicy, so I added bird's eye chillie. It's called bird's eye chillies because of its size, two to four centimetres in length. Chilli is a must-have ingredient for South-East Asian dishes like sambal and Thai salads. I love chillies, especially the unripe green chillies because it taste not so spicy - bitter spicy taste and crunchy. I had like 10 nos of green chillies chopped and scattered over my noodle soup. My soup didn't taste spicy at first, at least for my level. Soup is so comforting and I can bite the chillies. *crunchy-spicy-crunchy* Then here's the real situation.

The next day, my stomach started to feel like burning. You know the feeling when your lips tingle when you eat chillies? Or when your fingers throbbing after cutting and prepping chillies? It's that feeling but from the inside. The burning sensation sometimes rise up into my chest and throat, I thought I may have a heart attack omg! Worst thing, it has been 3 days in a row now. The burning sensation won't go away. I tried everything like drink hot chocolate (I don't have milk at home), I had charcoal pills. But nothing work. Uh-oh, maybe I should try drink alcohol. 
Rare purple chillies

Hot Diet or Cold Diet?

Chilli is obviously "hot" food. In our culture, foods are categorized into hot or cold category. The concept of hot and cold here is refering to its nature - not the temperature. Postnatal mothers are always advised to avoid "cold" foods, like coconut water, cucumber, cabbage, watermelon, tofu, eggplant, bean sprouts, kiwi, banana, mandarin, strawberry, pineapple, pear, lemon. We believed that cold diet after giving birth can complicate your recovery and prolonged discharge. Cold diet can also trigger trapped gas or trapped wind. I tell you, trapped wind could be extremely painful.

To avoid cold and flu, eat warm/hot food, like ginger, garlic, carrot, pumpkin, potato, papaya, grape, orange, apple, lychee, mango, cherry, rockmelon and grapefruit. Hot/warm food also helps to warm up the stomach, strengthen the body, prevent bloating after eating, sore joints, oedema and fluid retention.

Cold Food or Hot Food to Lose Weight?

Nothing in particular, to be honest. But in my personal opinion, it is best to avoid cold food as cold food like cabbage can cause flatulence, annoying excessive gas, and poor digestion. We know the fact: poor digestion is preventing you from losing weight.

I'm feeling a bit tipsy now. I drink a little. Hope my stomach gets better when I wake up tomorrow.

Let's chat a bit, drop your comments below: 
- What foods that control your appetite?
- What foods you think are healthy, but making you gain weight?

Good night for now.

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