30 May 2017

5 Things I'm Postponing in Life Until I Lose Weight

11 years and counting. I remember I posted this same post in celebration of our wedding anniversary 4 years ago. It has always been my intention to reward myself with wedding anniversary photo shoot once I met my weight loss goals. The wedding anniversary is my specified weight loss deadline, to boost my motivation to keep going. But look like I had the same old picture here. Dieting for 4 years and lost... 4 years! What a shame. Well, weight loss motivations is a tricky thing! I have a difficult time to stick to a diet plan more than a few weeks.
5 Things I'm Postponing In Life Until I Lost Weight

I don't actually need to wait until I met my weight loss goals to do this photo shoot thing. Like my friend said, why wait? With a bit editing skills, Photoshop here and there, play around with good angle, props and different combination of lights, you're good to go. But that's the whole point of the rewarding system. You'll gift yourself with something in return for an accomplished mission. A reward WHEN you reach your weight loss goals, in my case.

5 Things I'm Postponing In Life Until I Lost Weight
Anniversary: Celebrating our good 11 years!

Being fat is sucks. I realize that I'm holding myself from a lot of the things I wanted to do because of my weight.

5 Things I'm Holding Back From Doing Because of My Weight

1 - Expanding family
I don't want to get pregnant when I'm not at my ideal weight yet. Many friends of mine slightly disagree with me. Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. So losing weight to gain it back because of pregnancy is a total waste of effort, said them. Just focus on having babies and when you decide to stop, you can concentrate on losing weight, get in better shape, get the body you've always wanted, and start working on maintaining the weight loss for good.

But I have a different view in this. I am already obese. I believe my body can't afford to carry any extra weight now, if let's say I'm going to gain 20 kg extra during my pregnancy. No. that would take its toll on my body that is already in an unhealthy state. To get in a better shape for my next pregnancy is an absolute must. I want to have a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, I learn from my previous pregnancy that if you have a steady weight and stick to a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, you'll be likely to get the baby weight off easily after baby. I'm not getting any younger. That is why losing weight and get in a healthy shape is very important to me now so that we can start thinking about a new addition to the family.

2 - New Hobbies
This year I want to try a new hobby. I am feeling somehow stuck in my life. Life has become monotonous. Maybe exploring new hobbies, learning a new skill and meeting new people can spice up life a little bit. I wanted to try scuba diving because I always wondered how it feels like to breath underwater. But what stopping me? I don't want to be the fat diver on earth. Really. The diving suits might make me look like a stupid whale. The. Lamest. Excuse. Ever. Haha~ But seriously, I can't help but feeling insecure about how I might look in that suit thing. Narcissistic Syndrome much?

I'd also love to try rock climbing, but I'm too fat! The instructor at the sports center where I'm going told me that the rope can support up to a certain weight, which means OK for my weight but I don't have confidence. I fear I might struggle a lot to start because of my weight and end up looking like a fool.

3 - Nice Pictures
I am always the person behind the camera because I'm never happy with how I look in pictures. I know taking pictures is all about creating memories. What a pity, I keep missing in family pictures. When I had to be in it, I'll make sure to stand at the back, sometimes using my children as props to hide my body. I'm however not 100% against being photographed and look too fat. Pictures could be the only evidence and memory I'd have when I reach my weight loss goals one day and say, I used to be fat. Talking about positive thinking.

4 - Shop New Clothes
I haven't gone for clothes shopping for nearly 10 years. Not exactly. I mean it feels like I haven't clothes shopping for a very long time. Last time was December last year because I literally didn't have anything 'fancy' to wear on Christmas. I've been wearing my husband's T-shirt all this time because that are the only clothes I am comfortable wearing. I have few tops in plus sizes and I've been mix and match the old clothes over and over again. Boring! You know, I don't really like putting up my selfies on Facebook because of reason no#3, and secondly, I'm like wearing the same clothes in almost every picture so I think I'm feeling a bit guilty to be seen in the very same clothes in various occasion.

I'd love to buy new clothes and update my wardrobe. But I had to push this into my weight loss bucketlist. Clothes shopping is tiring. I'm always struggling shopping for my size, especially pants. I never wear jeans since 7 years ago. Some more, wrong dress would make you look like you're pregnant. Fat fashions are not flattering, I don't know why but they make you look frumpy rather than stylish. So I simply stop buying clothes. But the perk of it I get to save money on clothes.

5 - Exercise
I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I think I keep holding myself back because I am physically challenge during a workout. Exercise is hard because it doesn't simply happen. You really need to commit to it. You don't see the result right away so motivation to keep going is hard.

Let's chat a bit:

  • Are you postponing your life you lose the weight? Name ONE THING that is may be holding you back from making progress in life.
  • Is it because you fear of something? What is your biggest fear?
  • Or is it your destructive habits that is holding you back?

Please leave your thought in the comments, I'd love to read your feedback.

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