25 September 2014

Fitness Fever: 3 Sneaky Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation — Without Really Trying

Vacation is an opportunity to look forward to some great time to relax, escape, and indulge. But having a blast on vacation doesn't always mean taking time off from your diet and health lifestyle.

How to stay fit on vacation, weight loss

Trying to stay fit while on vacation is a bit tricky for me. I am still trying to stay committed to my fitness plan at home, I am especially find it difficult to keep fit on vacation which usually involve a busy day of shopping and sightseeing, extra baggage, kids, and tight schedules. Staying fit on vacation is something I'm tempted to abandon.

I am challenging myself this month of September to complete 30-Day Squat Challenge. And I'm proud of myself for sticking to it longer than I expected. I usually quit any weight loss or fitness challenge halfway but this time it's different. Maybe media social pressure made me pushing myself, and by the way it's a great motivation. I plan to keep the momentum going during my short trip to Hong Kong last week. But it didn't happen. I was too busy preparing the kids in the morning and too tired to workout when return to the hotel in the evening.

I don't want a stressful vacation just because I can't make my vacation workout at the same time. I'm not a fitness expert, but I know anyone can stay fit on vacation — without really trying.

1. Walk to your destination
Include into your travel itinerary a short hikes or walking trips. The “Hotel Hike” at the Aria Las Vegas provide one such unique experience to stay fit while traveling. If hiking and walking tours is not your thing, you can have another option by walking to your destination instead of taking bus or train.

On vacation to Disneyland last week, we walked to several attraction nearby and these miles racked up to 1 and ½ miles per day. Never underestimate the power of walking. Sound simple but this small walking session add up to a mega calorie burn!

How to stay fit on vacation, Hong Kong vacation
Super massive mama enjoys the glamorous night view of Hong Kong

How to stay fit on vacation, Hong Kong Disneyland
Excited! Hong Kong Disneyland
How to stay fit on vacation, Hong Kong Disneyland
Father and son at Cinderella's castle. See, the boy just can't wait to explore the park.

How to stay fit on vacation, Hong Kong Disneyland
Mystic Point - one of my favorite attraction at HK Disneyland. 
How to stay fit on vacation, Hong Kong Disneyland
Cinderella, my favorite Disney Princess
2. Dance the calorie away
According to Fitness Blender, dancing – for example salsa dancing roughly burned 405 calorie per 60 minutes for someone weighing 140, or around 480 calorie for a 180 lb person. If you have opportunity to dance with your family on vacation take advantage of every one. It is a fun way to burn off some of the vacation dessert you may splurge on.

3. Take your meal plan
Plan ahead your meal. Bring healthy snacks with you on long walks to stave off hunger. You'll be able to save money and calories by avoiding trips to fast food restaurants, street foods, or last minute meals.

Don't Beat Yourself Up
Take it easy! If you gain few pounds or your fitness routine get interrupted during your vacation, don't feel so bad. It's okay to take a week off from gym. You purposely go on vacation to relieve stress and give your body a rest. Everyone needs a little break and that including your structured fitness routine. You always can get back on track after vacation.

Your turn! Share in the comments...
How do you stay fit on vacation and still having fun? 

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