11 April 2014

Fitspiration Friday: 100 Squats a Day for 20 Days

Day 11. Yesterday marked the end of the first 10 days of 30 days Slim-Possible-April Challenge. Cheating my way to blogging everyday is a real challenge but I will try to update as frequent as possible.

I have committed to not weighing in the entire month so there will be no weigh-in update. I try to eat as clean as possible but I'm still far from perfect. I admit I did cheat on hot dogs and cakes few times but my victory was I'm NOT dwell on binge eating for hours like I used to do before. When I slipped up, I simply clean up the mess and just move on. It wasn't easy. Like many of my binge episodes, I tend to tell myself to start the diet all over again tomorrow and decided to totally blew it. But I feel powerful this few days that I am finally able to get over it. Non-Scale Victory, yay!

Fitness wise, I didn't workout regularly as planned. I don't want to explain. I know I could make it if I find time for it. This is one area I need to improve. So one more challenge this next 20 days is 100-Squat-a-Day Challenge. Not challenging enough for some people but hey this is a very good excuse to lift your butt off the couch and get moving. 

100 Squats a Day Challenge 

1. Take a ‘before’ photo so you can post an ‘after’ photo on Day 30. 
2. Start with 100 Squats a Day and do them every single day. 
( Beginner: Start with 10 Squats a Day, everyday. Up your squats by 10 each week. So on Day 7 for example, do 20 squats non-stop.
Intermediate: Start with 50 Squats a Day.)
3. Set your timers.
4. Try to complete this squat in the fastest time as possible. * Focus on holding perfect form for the entire 100 squats. Back straight, knees wide, hip crease beneath the knee, or it doesn't count. 
5. Do them as fast as you can at least once a week. 
6. When you're done, come back and tell me your times!
7. Aim to eventually get under 2 minutes with good form. (Post a video to get your form approved!)

Will you join me?

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