05 February 2013

Water Fasting Sucks!

I tried water fast to lose weight. I slipped and started over. And slipped again, and I quit.

Great, some of you may think. Some people think that fasting for weight loss is dangerous and stupid thing to do. For me, water fasting is one of a powerful weight loss tool. I myself have lost 5 kg in 15 days doing a water fast. Heck ya, that initial weight loss will be water weight but it is still weight loss nonetheless. Water fasting for weight loss can be painful if you're not that type. I quit water fasting, because I was unable to fast on water only while care for the kids. It was very hard to concentrate when you're super hungry.

I always swear by fasting as the best detoxifying method. And as Christian I believe when we incorporate fasting with prayer, it can be a wonderful spiritual experience. Since water fasting is difficult, I decided to do a juice fast instead.

Juice fasting is basically a liquid diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices and water for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Though you can consume whole fruits for nutritional benefit, it was said that you obtain the maximum benefits from fruits and vegetables when they are juiced.

I am currently reading Bragg Miracle of Fasting book. It's a classic book on fasting and the detoxification health benefits. Great book to read while you're moving through the detox. If you don't have ideas for juicing, you may want to try this juice combination ideas I get from the book.

1. Beet, celery, alfalfa sprouts
2. Cabbage, celery and apple
3. Cabbage, cucumber, celery, tomato, spinach and basil
4. Tomato, carrot and mint
5. Carrot, celery, watercress, garlic and wheatgrass
6. Grapefruit, orange and lemon
7. Beet, parsley, celery, carrot, cabbage and garlic
8. Beet, celery, dulse and carrot
9. Cucumber, carrot and parsley
10. Watercress, cucumber, garlic
11. Asparagus, carrot, and mint
12. Carrot, celery, parsley, onion, cabbage and sweet basil
13. Carrot and coconut milk
14. Carrot, broccoli, lemon, cayenne
15. Carrot, cauliflower, rosemary
16. Apple, carrot, radish, ginger
17. Apple, pineapple and mint
18. Apple, papaya and grapes
19. Papaya, cranberries and apple
20. Leafy greens, broccoli, apple
21. Grape, cherry and apple
22. Watermelon (include seeds)

What fruit-vegetables combination would you like to try?

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