22 February 2013

Day 6 on Juice Fasting: 3 Ways to Walk off Weight Faster

Today is Day 6. Oops I did it again! I slipped up while feeding my children during lunch time today. Meal time can be so challenging.  I need to remind myself, I am on a juice fast and I really need to find ways how to hold myself next time. 

Just a friendly reminder, have you had enough water today?

Brisk walking. This is my first workout after a long break. I'd never heard of Leslie Sansone before and I found her while browsing for new workouts on YouTube. Her coach style is easy to follow and what is important, the exercise don't stress the knee. The walking workout is quick and efficient for beginner like me. I am looking forward to walking at home everyday with Leslie Sansone Walking Workout. I really enjoy Leslie Sansone's easy going style and easy to follow workouts.

Brisk walking look easy that most of us do not bother to walk. But when it's done right, this simple workout can make a big difference to your health and to your weight. I want to share my reading today from the Daily Mail, How to walk your way to weight loss:

1. How much?

Health experts recommend that we should walk 10,000 steps a day (about five miles). You would probably need to tot up at least 16,000 steps a day to lose weight.

2. How often?

Monday to Saturday: Walk ten minutes at a moderate pace
Sunday: Walk slowly for 20 minutes

Monday: Rest
Tuesday to Friday: Walk for 25 minutes at a moderate pace one day, 30 minutes the next
Saturday: Walk 20 minutes fast
Sunday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace

Monday: Rest
Tuesday to Friday: Walk 45 minutes at a moderate pace one day and 50 minutes the next day
Saturday: Walk 50 minutes at a fast pace
Sunday: Walk 60 minutes at a moderate pace

3. Techniques 

  • You should master power-walking.
  • Stand tall with your arms by your sides and pull your navel towards your spine so that your core muscles are working. 
  • Focus your eyes five to six metres ahead and keep your shoulders relaxed. 
  • Bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle and cup your hands lightly, rather than clenching your fists. 
  • Leading with the heel, take a step forward with your right foot and move your arms in opposition (i.e. as your left arm moves forward, your right moves back). 
  • Transfer your weight through the heel of your right foot. 
  • Adding hills to your route will speed up calorie burning. 
  • Walking on softer surfaces, such as mud, sand or grass, also uses more energy than walking on concrete. Walking on cobblestones or rocky ground may have even more benefits. Physiologists at the Oregon Research Institute have found cobblestone walking lowers blood pressure and improves balance. The uneven surfaces may stimulate acupressure points on the soles of the feet, regulating blood pressure. Because it is challenging, it will also burn more calories. 
Walking is one of the most natural movements that we can do.What will you say, is walking enough to lose weight?

Encouraged by this?
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  1. thanks for sharing..

    1. i hope this is useful to you too. thanks for the visit :)

  2. Hello from your newest follower :)

    You have some great advice on your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :)I'm about to start walking more to help me lose weight so I'll let you know if it works :)

    thanks for stopping by Sweet Petite too :)

    Shel @ Sweet Petite

    1. Hi Shel, thanks for the visit. Great to hear feedback from you. I am just sharing information that I think worth sharing. Have a great day :)

  3. I'm your newest follower.

    I've been walking and exercising more too, but I don't think I could do a fast, lol. You're doing an awesome job!

    Looking forward to cheering you on through your blog!


    1. Not really Tracy. I am not doing very good during the past 6 days and I am thinking about quitting right now. But then I think there's no food police here, so I just move on with the plan. Thanks for visiting. Looking forward to read your upcoming post.

  4. Hi! This is so helpful to me. I love your blog. I've already read a ton of your posts. I so need this. I am struggling with losing weight so I cn be healthy and live a more active life with my 3 year old.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a follower. Have a great weekend
    This Southern Girl's Life

    1. Hi Natosha. I am glad to see you here. Let's lose weight together. It's a lonely journey doing it alone.

  5. This looks like a doable workout - I might look into that one more. I was doing one that was terrible on my knees. Thanks for sharing this & for stopping by my blog.

    Following you now on G+ and GFC :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sue. Let me know how you're doing with the workout. I absolutely love them since I am not one to do running.

  6. Great post! Walking is sufficient depending on where you are at with your weight loss journey. I do the Leslie Sansone videos with my mom and she really enjoys the style as well.

    1. Love to see you here Carli. So you must be familliar with Leslie's workout. This is my first time and I am looking forward to be consistent with the walking workout. It's great because you can still walk for 4 miles in the comfort of your own home. :)

  7. oooh just wanted to say this is a really informative post!

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