10 June 2012

Monday Weigh In: 5 Reasons to Do Water Fasting

My progress last week 21/5/12
My progress 

It's a long delay between posts. I have not not update my blog all last week because I have been busy doing nothing. :)

Last Monday was my weigh in day. It feels like I just stepped on the scale yesterday, and now it's weigh in day again. The weeks fly by so fast!

Last 2 week I was 68.6kg;
Body measurement (chest-waist-hips in inches): 39 - 34½ - 42½.

Last week I weigh 68.2kg;
Body measurement (chest-waist-hips in inches):  37 - 34 - 40½.

This week I am 68 kg; only 200gm loss from last week
Body measurement (chest-waist-hips in inches): 38 - 34½ - 41. It has been goes up and down in two weeks.

Frankly, those small loss left me feeling frustrated a bit. But I understand that you can't depend on the scale alone to measure your progress. Since I have started to include strength training in my workout routine 2 weeks ago, so I guess that could explain the small loss?

I believe that everyone who want to lose weight want to know how to speed up weight loss. Me no exception. I have tried water fasting several weeks ago and I've lost 2.4 kg on my first week.

I am thinking about to start water fast again this week. But I have to be mentally prepared for this because water fast is definitely not for the weak minded. I myself only managed to pass water fast for 15 days last time (I cheat a few times.)

Many people are against the idea of water fasting because they view it as eating disorder. People think water fasting is dangerous and crazy. But as a matter of fact, water fasting has been practiced since ancient times to heal and detoxify the body. Though water fasting has been clinically proven to treat Type II diabetes, the benefit of water fasting is not in weight loss. Weight loss is only another benefit you can get from doing water fasting. Apart from the weight loss purpose, these are 5 reasons why I want to do a water fasting again:

1. Water fasting gives your body a physiological rest
By doing a water fast, you allows the body to have true rest and heal from all of the toxins and pollutants in your food and environment. Water fasting will restores your body balance by eliminating wastes.

2. Water fasting help you to break food addiction
If you use to binge daily on chocolate, ice cream and junk food, water fasting is one of a way to break a bad cycle of eating.

3. Water fasting for self-control and self-discipline
During a time of water fasting, your self discipline will be brought to the test. To reach your weight loss goal, a little self-discipline is important. Water fasting is one of a way to develop self discipline and create a healthier lifestyle.

4. Water fasting for spiritual breakthrough
Water fasting will help you to realize how much you take food for granted. Based on my personal experience, water fasting help me to grow spiritually. You'll start to realize how little we need to survive and how much God provides for us everyday. You'll start to realize how blessed we are.

5. Water fasting to kick start a new diet
Water fasting can be extremely powerful  for the overweight person. Fasting will definitely make you lose weight. Though some people might argue that the weight you lose during water fasting is only water weight, let's make it clear: if you lose 20 pounds on water fasting, don't you think it's a good start rather than do nothing? 20 pounds is 20 pounds! Don't you think a body stricken with obesity will be thankful for twenty less pounds upon it? You may also heard that you will gain the weight back after a water fasting. Yes, it's true if you go back directly to your old lifestyle. But no, you are not gaining the weight back after a water fasting if you learn the art of gaining control of your appetite.

Always consult doctor or your health care provider before making any changes in your diet.

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  1. Great info about water fasting. I'm on day 15 now. Planning on going for 21-25 days. Keep it up :-)


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