11 January 2012

Lose Weight While Sitting: 5 Proper Ways to Use Sauna Belt to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is topping the list of New Year's resolution every year. But by today, only 21 days after they were made, most people probably were no longer confident to stick to their New Year's resolution for the rest of the month. A lot of people give 'too tired', 'too busy' or 'too lazy' excuses for not exercising and lose weight. With today's advance technology, losing weight is not a big deal anymore. With countless of weight loss product surface in the weight loss industry for the past 10 years, lose weight is now possible even while sitting down. One of the popular weight loss product is the Sauna Belt.

Sauna belt is a vibrating pad. It uses electric power to works it. My husband who is a big fan of WWE, often refer this Sauna Belt as WWE belt. I'm not sure why but it may have something to do with its big and unusual look for a normal belt. Look at his award-winning pose. #lol

Try to impersonate John Cena

Just like any other traditional sauna, its function is to increase sweat production and to help lose water weight. However, unlike traditional sauna, the sauna belt is a portable one and can be worn on specific area of your body like tummy, butt or thighs to pull sweat and encourage weight loss. If you want further information about Sauna Belt, you can simply search on the internet. But don't be surprise if you type Sauna Belt in the Google search box and you receive a lot of unsatisfied users mocking at Sauna Belt to be dominate your search result.

Let's rock with Batista

"Triple H vs me"

To achieve a good result, it is important to understand how to properly use a sauna belt device. While proper use is important, precaution should be taken as well when purchasing sauna belt online to avoid scam and disappointment. Sauna Belt has gained popularity among people over the years. So no wonder fake and cheap imitation are widely available on the internet to rake in profit from its fame. Here are 5 proper ways to use sauna belt and lose weight:

1. Wear over a t-shirt
Wrap the sauna belt around your waist over a t-shirt. Direct contact to skin may cause irritation for sensitive skin.

2. Setting the temperature
Set the temperature to a low setting and adjust to your preference after a few minutes. Sauna belt not to be worn more than 50 minutes. It is recommended to wear the sauna belt around your waist for 10-15 minutes on an empty stomach before change to the other body parts. Using sauna belt on one spot for a long time is also not recommended. After using Sauna Belt for a continuous 45 days, wait a week before using it again.

3. Drink water
Drink hot or warm water before and while using sauna belt to help you sweat. If you are not sweating, increase the temperature setting. Bear in mind that some people don't sweat profusely due to their body composition. Drinking enough water is also important while using sauna belt to stay hydrated.

4. Wear in room temperature
Don't use Sauna Belt in air-conditioned room to increase its effectiveness.

5. Sensible diet
Though you can sitting down to lose weight with sauna belt, it is recommended that you standing while using sauna belt to burn more calories. Actually, the weight you lost when using sauna belt is mostly unwanted water weight instead of fat. Losing water weight is only a temporary loss because the body has to replace the water that was lost. It will be helpful to combine the regular use of the sauna belt with sensible diet.

Before the Good Bye
If you cannot afford a home sauna, why not consider a sauna belt? Sauna belt is not a long term solution to weight loss but it can aids to your hard effort. Velform Sauna Belt available at Amazon for less than $50. I am not sure if I should credit Sauna Belt for any weight I have lost, because I like to combine my diet with various kind of weight loss program. But what I'm sure of is Sauna Belt works good for alleviate muscle tension especially around butt after sitting for a long time.

What weight loss program do you like best? Using weight loss aids like Sauna Belt to speed your weight loss or stick to traditional way i.e exercise?

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