21 January 2012

Juice Diet to Lose Weight: The Pros and Cons Between Fresh Juice and Commercial Juice

Fresh grape juice. Picture and recipe from In Erika's Kitchen

Juice diet is an excellent way to detox our body and lose weight. When we say "juice" to lose weight, we generally are referring to freshly prepared, fruits or vegetable juice. So, why going through the trouble of juicing vegetables and fruits to lose weight when we can just eat plenty of them? By juicing, we extract the juice for the body thus making it easier for our body to get the nutrients as our body doesn't need to break down the fruit or vegetable. Drink vegetables and fruits juice to lose weight is also much easier than it is to eating fruits and vegetables directly.

Do you buy fruit juice at the store because you don't have time to juicing? This is things worth knowing about home-made juice and commercial juice.

Home-made fresh juice

Fresh, safe, delicious, nutritious
Juices from fresh fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly full of healthy nutrients. You can self-pick your favorite fresh and ripe fruits.

Juicing takes time and effort
Busy people complaint it's time consuming and takes a lot of work to prepare a glass of juice every morning.

Commercial juice

Available at times
It's easy to get at the store. Grab one and drink right away.

Cons: They are not really natural
Though it's labeled "100% juice" they are not really natural. They already going through a chemical process to preserve the original taste.

Which juice to lose weight will you pick? Commercial juice maybe an easy one but what we may not know, we are actually eating hidden sugar. Juicing is easy when you have the right tools.

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