24 March 2016

Losing Weight: Why It's So Hard To Get Started?

It has been a long time since my last post.

Yes, it's March and I AM STILL FAT. Statistic shows that 80% people already gave up their weight loss or fitness resolution by the second week of February. And as for me I haven't clicked into gear yet. You know, getting started is always the hardest part of anything. That's the reason I haven't post a while because I have nothing of worth to share. Well now it's time for some self-reflection.

Why is it so difficult to get started?

First, change is uncomfortable. For example, sleep is enjoyable and it's a temptation of many to hit the snooze button to gain extra 10 or 20 minutes of sleep every morning. But choosing to wake up early every morning to exercise require us to go out of our comfort zone. Comfort zone is a space or any type of behavior that we feel safe, in control and at ease. Trying new things, tweak off our diet, or motivate ourselves into exercise routine means pushing past our comfort zone, and it's not always easy because we have to adjust ourselves with new situation.

Second, fear of failing, fear of what people might think. Getting started means we're taking risk of attempting something we might fail, something worst can happen that we decided not to try it at all. Past failure makes us afraid to take the first step, when we know we're going to make a wrong end. Or maybe the roadblock is our friends or family that we know will make fun of us trying to lose weight.

Third, poor habit. That's it. You're lazing around just procrastinating day in day out. Remember? Just one more episode, but at the end get hooked on a TV show and binge watch all the episode in one day. When we fall into the pattern of poor time management, feeling weak and unmotivated, it's easy to get stuck because an object at rest tends to remain at rest.

How Do You Get Started, Anytime?
This is what I'm telling myself today, just do it! Easier said than done of course. But I believe it's possible. Even when our thought or feeling trying to hold us back, developing a 'just do it' attitude will help you break the bad pattern off and get started right away. There's a room for a foggy thoughts about what could happen but sometimes we just need to stop listening to them and take action.

Have you ever had a hard time of getting started with something? Tell me about your breakthrough in the comments below.

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  1. Starting on the right path is definitely the hardest part! Good Luck!

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