19 February 2016

Fitspiration Friday: Kajol's Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

Today I choose Kajol for Fitspiration Friday.
I first watched her on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) and became an avid a fan ever since. I became super excited when I heard Kajol is making a comeback for Dilwale (2015) with Shah Rukh Khan. Aside from looking very fair and lovely compare to her dusky skin in prior years, her appearance hasn't changed much. I'm impressed! How does she stays in great shape, especially after having two kids?

Kajol's Diet Plan
- keeping her mouth zipped
- eating from home before going out
- having 4-5 meals a day to 3 heavy meals.
- consume enough amount of water and have a diet rich in protein. She eats fish, eggs and chicken in good quantity.
- not have any kind of junk food.
- keeps discussing her diet plan with the dietician as and when required and coordinates it with her schedule.
On Screen Romance:
Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 1998 (Left) and Dilwale 2015 (Right)

Kajol's Fitness Plan
- she weight training. She lifts weights and can handle 150 pounds and more in what is known as the ‘dead lift’
- high intensity and calorie burning workout
- Kajol also does endurance training, yoga, lifts and squats as part of her fitness regimen.
- makes sure to workout for around 90 minutes daily.

And when you start working out, you realise you’re calmer, you’re nicer. People are reacting to you differently. Not because you’ve lost weight but because you’re calmer, your perspective has changed. All the angst we have, the stress we have can be controlled, if not completely eradicated, just by working out.

- Kajol

Kajol's motivation to stay in shape
Kajol shares to iDiva that every decision made in life matters, "Some people say — have that beer or have the French fries, nothing will happen with one French fry, eat that cheese popcorn, it doesn’t matter. But it does matter. Each decision you make in life matters, each meal matters. That’s the kind of thinking you should have where work is concerned, where a relationship is concerned. That applies to everything in your life." 

She adds: "Whether it’s your husband, your next meal or your work. If the small things don’t matter then you miss out on the big picture. Make that extra effort for every relationship. Whether it’s with your parents, your children, your husband or your friends. It makes a difference to them."

"I try to give my kids alot of solo time where I play with them, talk to them, listen to them. Similarly, you give time for your workout. You slot a time for it, no matter what."

Kajol's word of wisdom to people who want to lose weight
You have to take charge of your life. If you want to lose weight, you have to be obsessed with it. You can’t depend upon your dietician, your trainer or various health aids that you have. You have to be organised. And believe me it isn’t that difficult.

The first 10 days are terrible because you have to break the lifelong habits that you have made. Also, when you go out with friends you have to order from the menu.

Now I want to hear from you: What is your opinion on celebrity weight loss? Is their diet and weight loss tips make sense to you?

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