28 July 2015

Weight Loss Gem: Three Way to Stay Positive After a Diet Slip Up

Yesterday was a very bad eating day. But not really.
I cook at home but I overestimate the portion sizes for three. And in order not to waste the food, I had to use my stomach as a trash can. I ate excess calories, I felt bad and tying in guilt.

Have you ever find yourself messing up your diet one day, and so to "comfort"" yourself you go all out binge eating throughout the week. Helplessly eat whatever you want, without restriction. That was me before. When I felt like a failure after making weight loss mistakes, I shamefully give up dieting. But you don't slash all three car tire just because you got one flat, right?

After a series of wake up call to lose weight, I convince myself this time not to make one bad day into one bad week. I may have failed today but that is not the end. So I'll stay positive. If you remember, I blog not a long time ago about How To Pick Yourself After a Setbacks This is one of the lesson: Consider what you did right today instead of focusing on what you did wrong. That's the way to go!

How to Stay Positive After a Diet Slip Up

1. Get Right Back on Track
Don't wait until tomorrow to bounce back. Things happened. People make mistakes and it's normal. But don't dwell on it. Allow yourself move past it and simply return to your original weight loss goals. Don't go overboard and beat yourself up, resolve to eat healthier instead.

2. Remind Yourself That Weight Loss Doesn't Happen Overnight
Neither does weight gain. So don't worry about those 500 or 1000 extra calories you ate. It can easily be made up over the next week or two simply be reducing your daily calorie intake by 100-200 calories per day. In the end, your body isn’t going to be able to tell the difference.

3. Be Kind Towards Yourself 
Focus on the good choice you've made and tap your back for a job well done. I might have ate excess calorie yesterday, but I didn't touch any junk food. I have a good reason to celebrate.

It's okay to reward yourself from time to time. It's one way to keep yourself striving for your goals. Only don't reward yourself with food or something that can sabotage your weight loss effort. Treat yourself with new workout top, bikini, a manicure, massage or a long bubble bath if you have been making significant progress along with your diet.

It's your turn: How do you stay positive when your weight loss effort or something you plan ahead is not going according to plan? Share in the comments. 

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  1. Great tips and very useful for me, as I finally lost the hardest 5 pounds, ever!
    Thank you so much for sharing. I'm pinning.

    1. Hi Fabby's Living,
      I'm writing this based on my own experience. Glad to hear this useful to you. I still have a long way to go. Anyway congrats on the weight loss. Very nice to know you.

  2. I did alternate day IF for the weight loss phase, so it was actually pretty easy to reset if a day didn't go as planned-I just changed my rotation schedule. I always looked at the whole thing as each day was it's own, so having a day here and there that didn't go as planned wasn't a big deal because the next day didn't rely on the previous day. Probably an odd way to look at it, but it worked for me :)

    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I love the idea of alternate day IF. Tried once before but my diet plan keeps failing. Maybe you could give me some tips? Will PM u later. Thanks anyway for stopping by.

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