28 February 2014

Fitspiration Friday: See Mallory After 97-Pound Weight Loss!

We all love a good success story.
Dramatic weight loss story; before and after weight loss

Please meet Mallory. I find her weight loss story is very inspiring. If you still struggle to lose weight, then this is a must-read. I actually don't attracted to hear a success story which claim she/he lost weight eating that, or drinking that. That is more of a marketing gimmick. But when I saw Mallory's dramatic weight loss picture, I silently hope to discover some magic formula to her weight loss. Don't we all wish things to happen instantaneously? We hate waiting in a line at a supermarket checkouts, we expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less, and when comes to weight loss, we want to lose weight overnight. We want to hear something else, not just 'eat your fruits and vegetables.' But let's face the reality. Note to myself: Weight loss takes hard work. But the end result is long-lasting success.

I hope Mallory's testimony concerning her weight loss can be your motivation and prove that you can do it too! (I am super motivated already!)

Her Weight Loss Diary (HEWLD): What is your starting weight and current weight? 
Mallory: Started at 217lbs (98 kg) and three years later am 120lbs (54 kg)!

Dramatic weight loss story; before and after weight loss

HEWLD: What moment defined your wakeup call? 
Mallory: When my childhood doctor told me I was on the road to obesity and would acquire diabetes like most of the people in my family. 

HEWLD: What challenges you face in losing weight? 
Mallory: The biggest challenge for me was believing in myself. In the beginning I got discouraged often, but I would always try again! So I stopped giving up :) 

HEWLD: What changes you made to lose weight? 
Mallory: I had to completely change my lifestyle. I began to eat healthy at least 80% of the time, I slowly added exercise into my life by simply wwalking every other day and working up from there. I also gave up fast food and bought a half gallon water bottle! 

HEWLD: What foods and habits were the most difficult for you to give up and change? 
Mallory: The most difficult part for me which I still struggle with is using food to deal with stress or to reward myself. It's a learning process and every day you will grow. 

HEWLD: Diet and exercise - which one help you lose weight faster? 
Mallory: I believe both are equally important! Having a good diet is imperative to weight loss but exercising gives you the motivation to stay on track with your diet and will transform your body shape. When I began lifting weights after already losing 50lbs I started seeing my body completely change! I lost a ton of fat versus just weight.

Dramatic weight loss story; before and after weight loss

HEWLD: You must be blessed with skinny genes. 
Mallory: No way! My entire life I was overweight and my whole family is as well.

HEWLD: Can you share your diet plan and workout routine? 
Mallory: I practice IIFYM which is a lot like calorie counting but you only count fat, protein, carbs, and fiber aka your macronutrients. This gives me flexibility in being able to eat foods I enjoy but still reach my goals. I do macro consultations! Email me at malzisfit@gmail.com. In regards to my workout routine, I do minimal cardio now. I recommend doing 3-5 20 min HIIT sessions a week along with 5 sessions of lifting weights. 

HEWLD: How do you find the time to workout all day? 
Mallory: I workout the first thing in the morning five times a week. It's easy to find time, just wake up an hour earlier! If you want something bad enough you'll make the time for it. 

HEWLD: Do you believe in cheat days? 
Mallory: I believe in treat days. Don't think of it as a bad thing! Sometimes you need to treat yourself, scheduled or not. I typically treat myself once a week to a meal that I don't count macros for. 

HEWLD: Emotional eating is common. How do you gain control of emotional eating? 
Mallory: I still struggle with it from time to time but it's a learning process. I've found other outlets for stress like yoga and meditation and when I feel an episode coming on I'll drink A LOT of water! Just remember, though, nobody is perfect so don't beat yourself up when you do. If you accept it and move on your more likely to have less episodes of emotional eating than if you dwell on it. 

HEWLD: How do you make sure you stick on your diet plan at social gatherings? 
Mallory: I am picky about the social gatherings I go to. If I need to be strict with my diet and I know somewhere will have a lot of alcohol or junk food I may choose not to go. If I choose to go, I'll eat before I leave, bring a healthy snack, and plan out my macros for the rest of the day. 

HEWLD: How long does it takes to see your weight loss result? 
Mallory: It took me three years to lose 100lbs. The last 50lbs I've lost in the last year. Now I focus on measuring rather than weighing and lose about 1/2 an inch to an inch a week. 

HEWLD: When you didn't lose weight for a few weeks, how did you keep motivated? 
Mallory: It's tough, but this is what will make or break you: you have to have disciplince. Even when you don't have motivation, even when you don't see results- you have to trust that you're doing the right thing and stick with it. The results will come! 

HEWLD: How do I get a toned midsection? 
Mallory: You can't spot reduce. A toned midsection comes with a balanced diet and exercise.
Dramatic weight loss story; before and after weight loss

HEWLD: How do you maintain your weight loss? 
Mallory: I maintain the healthy habits I've acquired. :) 

HEWLD: What advice would you give to your "50 pound heavier" self? 
Mallory: Don't be so hard on yourself. You are capable of so much more than you realize. 

HEWLD: What advice would you give those out there struggling to do what you've done? 
Mallory: To focus what's on the inside more than the outside. I saw physical results when I started focusing on mental progress. This is journey is ALL mental- you have to stay positive, you have to be kind to yourself, you have to keep yourself accountable. I started waking up every morning and smiling in the mirror, when I wanted to stop running I would start appreciating the simple fact that I had two legs, when I wanted to eat a donut I would remember why it wasn't something that would truly make me happy, it was just a quick pleasure. You are so much stronger than you realize, you just have to believe it.

For more inspiration follow Mallory on Instagram @malzisfit or visit her blog www.malzisfit.com

What is your favorite part of this weight loss success story? 
Throw your opinion in the comments.

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  1. The smile on her face says it all! I know the frustrations of weight loss and I know perseverance is the key! Congratulations, you look fabulous!

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  3. Such an incredible inspiration! This is no joke. I am so thrilled for you Mallory, seriously!!!

  4. Oh wow! This is so inspirational! Look at that flat tummy! Amazing, Mallory!!


  5. How did you get to be this good? Its amazing to see someone put so much passion into a subject. I'm glad I came across this. I'm glad I took the time to read on past the first paragraph. You have got so much to say so much to offer. I hope people realize this and look into your page.

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  6. The smile on her face says it all! I know the frustrations of weight loss and I know perseverance is the key! Congratulations, you look fabulous!

  7. Very Inspiring :). She is absolutely right it all begins with the mental. Congrats on your weight loss journey :)

  8. I love this and Mallory is such an inspiration!!!

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  10. Waooow!! Nice blog, this will be greatly helpful.

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