10 September 2013

Weight Loss Success Story: How Kelliann Lost 175 Pounds

We all need some inspiration from time to time. You have read how Elizabeth lost 150 pounds and other success stories on Her Weight Loss Diary. Every weight loss success comes in all shapes and sizes but there's one thing in common, every success story has a turbulent journey filled with many failures prior to that celebrated point of success. Kelliann of Life in Crisis shares how she finally lost 175 pounds. I hope you inspired!

As always, leave you precious thoughts in comments "do you think sharing stories of success is important? If yes, why? And if you say no I'd like to know your reason."

My name is Kelliann and 5 years ago I weighed 365 lbs. It’s hard to “tell my story” because like so many journeys there are twists and turns, failures and successes. Although, I have learned along the way that “failures” are merely a stepping stone in the journey as a whole – still leading me down the path I am meant to be on.

I remember the moment I really knew I had to lose the weight. I was carrying my then-8-month-old son up the stairs for his nap. I had to stop midway up the staircase to catch my breath. I stood there and I thought “He’s only going to get bigger. I can hardly carry him now!” It was then I knew something had to be done. So, after months of researching and studying, doctors appointments and evaluations, I had gastric bypass surgery.

Sometimes people ask me why I decided to go the surgery route. Well, I knew I needed a heavy-duty tool to help me get moving in the right direction. I had dieted/restricted/binged my way all the way up to 365. I knew I needed more help.

I had my surgery in June of 2008. My son was just over 1 year old. I remember when the anesthesiologist was putting the mast over my face I said “Please take care of me. I have a baby who needs me” And then, I was out. Yes, it was very scary to make this decision, but I maintain it was the best decision of my life. After the surgery, I lost about 100 lbs over the next year. Then, I got pregnant with my second son. During the pregnancy, I gained about 50 lbs. I was terrified. What if I couldn’t get it off? What if I ended back up where I started? I wasn’t going to let that happen. So, after I had my little punkin’, and I was cleared by the docs, I went right into exercise and back to my bariatric diet. Exercise was not something I had done a LOT of up to this point. But it has now become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Eating right and exercising (and also dealing with a diagnosis of post-partum depression) with 2 small children at home was very difficult. Difficult, but not impossible. My husband is incredibly supportive of me and I am so blessed by him. Over the last few years I have not only dropped that 50 lb of pregnancy gain, but an additional 75, bringing my total to 175 lb lost.

Losing weight is hard, regardless of how you go about doing it. Having surgery was not “easy”, although some may think it is. A lot of my personal problem with food was mental and emotional. No surgery was going to do THAT work for me. I work on that every single day, even now.

My eating has changed a lot since the surgery. I focus a lot on whole foods with lots of fruit, veggies, protein, grains… I don’t “cut” anything out of my diet. Yes, I even eat treats! I eat to support my activity level, which is now very high. I train hard, weight lifting, circuit and HIIT training 4-5 days per week. I love every second of it. I never used to understand those people who loved to exercise, but now I am really one of them! Exercise has transformed my body into a strong, functional, beautiful thing. I am competing in my second mud run, called The Rugged Maniac in September. If you had told me a few years ago I would be doing that, I would have laughed in your face!

My motivation is easy: I look at my two gorgeous boys, now 6 and 3. I want them to be active, healthy and happy, and I know I have to lead by example. I admit, sometimes I just don’t want to go to the gym. Sometimes I want to go home after a long day of work and just snuggle up with my little “tribe”. And you know what? On those days, that is exactly what I do. I have discovered along the way that it’s not just about my physical body, (eating right and working out.) It’s about my life as a whole person. As a mom, a wife, an employee, a part time student, a church member, etc. I’m all these things, and I need to care for all of my needs – even the ones that tell me I need some REST and ALONE time! The weight loss by itself was not what made me happy. Discovering how to live and love my life, with the weight loss ENABELING me to do that, is what has made me happy.

I have also discovered that “perfect” is way over rated. I’m NOT perfect, and I am finally OK with that. I obsessed for a long time about losing another 25-30 lbs. Now, I love my body the way it is. When I stopped obsessing about the number on the scale, and started focusing on being very active, getting strong and eating yummy nutrient dense food, I started very slowly losing again. But frankly, even if the scale never moved down another notch, I would be entirely happy! Now THAT is some amazing progress!

Miss Honeybee asked me to share my 5 best weight loss tips, but I had 6, so here they are:

1. Love and honor yourself exactly where you are right now. That is how you can begin to move forward.

2. Get active. Not for the “calorie burn” or to “earn extra points, or food” but because it’s just GOOD and healthy for you! The body WANTS to move, so move it! Start with 5 minutes of whatever activity you LIKE to do. You’ll be amazing at what you can do!

3. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and surround yourself with people who believe in you too!

4. Ask for support. Everyone needs it, and it’s your responsibility to get it!

5. Eat food. Don’t try and restrict yourself to an impossibly low amount of calories. It will result in quick weight loss (of water, muscle and very little fat) and will promptly cause regain when it can’t be maintained. Figure out what your body really needs to sustain your activity (whether you are sedentary or active) and eat those calories. Check out this calculator to help you figure it out: http://iifym.com/tdee-calculator/ Your BRM is the amount of calories you would use if you laid in bed all day. Your TEDD is the amount you use doing your everyday activities.

6. Eat whole foods. Whole meaning as few ingredients as possible. Lots of whole, fresh foods, with your favorite treats thrown in here and there and you will be satisfied with your eating!

Although I have not been writing lately, living life and all, I will be re-launching my blog http://lifeincareer-sis.blogspot.com/ very soon! Please come take a look!

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  1. Well done Kelliann! amazing transformation. I love that she doesn't cut any food out of her diet and believes in resting too! So important.
    Also, yes I think it's important to share success stories :D They can be a great motivation for people looking to lose weight and I love reading how they achieved their results!

  2. Yes, Honeybee - sharing these stories IS inspiring. I hope you never stop.
    Wow, this was probably the biggest weight loss story I've read and I've thought that a lot. I love the reasoning behind it - good health is very important in parenting.
    Much kudos to Kelliann.

  3. Thanks for your success story. These stories inspiring us for more workout. and gives positive hope.

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  4. Awesome job - she looks amazing.

    I love how she shared some practical, real life tips that apply for general health as well as weight loss!

  5. Happy you could share here and be an inspiration to this audience. Good luck relaunching your own blog. I applaud you sharing your story being that you took the surgery route. There's a lot of controversy surrounding it. I hope it reaches the ears of those deliberating. You look amazing and healthy!

  6. Now that's really a successful story! I am so inspired right now. I hope that I am doing the right thing for my weight loss. Aside from staying active and living healthy, I also take 5htp for weight loss and it has been helping me a lot.

  7. Congratulations, what a success story!

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  9. Congratulations, success story
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  10. Kellian is awesome! Thanks everyone for stopping by and take some time to comment. I like reading success story and posting about them here is like a motivation booster for me. Not to mention your encouraging comments. They've been a great help for me. Thanks for all the love!!

  11. Thanks so much for all the overwhelming love! My blog IS back up and running, so come check it out:


    :-) <3 Kelliann

  12. Thanks a lot, you can never have enough inspiration.

  13. Surgery is a very brave decision for anyone - but it sounds like you had great results from it, and that you've really embraced lifestyle changes afterwards, so nice one Kelliann :)

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  15. Wow amazing change she looks geath
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  16. I have lost 88lbs with know surgery. Still some more to go to be a my goal. My ? is now what or how do we manage the flabby skin. On tummy, legs, and saggy chin. Excercise doesn't get rid of that. I know people that lose great amounts have to have excess skin hanging from some place. I can't afford surgery to remove it all, what did you do with the skin that is stretched out and won't go back like it was when we where younger?

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  19. @mkkiki: Thanks for stopping by. You can drop Kelliann a message on her blog http://lifeincareer-sis.blogspot.com/ to ask further about her weight loss/flabby skin experience.


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  21. how imspriationatial and motivating! you look amazing well done xx
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  23. Congratulation!!
    You have lose your weight amazingly. Its really inspired me to lose some weight. I really follow your tips and try to reduce some extra pound very soon. Weigh Loss!!

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  26. This is just an awesome story about losing weight! :) A lot of us are looking for the most effective way to lose weight. Thanks for sharing. In my case I am just wondering on how to lose belly fat in an effective way. :)

  27. So inspiring story, your persevering spirit is totally amazing!

    All the efforts to be healthier and to get fitter are really worth it=) CONGRATULATIONS!

  28. Holy smokes this is amazing! You look great!



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