10 October 2012

Weight Loss Success Stories: How Nikki Lost 130 Pounds for Good

It has been over 3 weeks since my last sharing on weight loss success stories. I found a beautiful girl on the internet who has also success her weight goal, hence I am delighted to share her story here to keep me and you inspired. She is Nikki, the girl behind My Life My Way.

Nikki, as she confess never started gaining weight. She was heavy all her life and made fun of all the time because of her size. Her heaviest was 280 pounds.

The Beginning
Every first step is never easy. Sick of the name-calling, Nikki decided to lose weight but she was not sure what to do. So she googled it and found out that she needed to change her diet. No more Midnight runs through McDonald 's Burger King. As a start, she also take a ride to the local mall and start walking laps. She started off with doing one lap around the mall then up to four. Four laps around the mall turned out to be about a mile! She started to see the weight come off.

The old and the new Nikki: (Left) Nikki on a trip to Mexico in 2005. At the present time (right) she is 150lbs down.

Diet Plan
Nikki do not diet. She simply adapted a lifestyle changes, eat clean and healthy.

Workout Plan
Nikki choose to eat a certain way and work out as often. She work out 5-6 days a week. She teach 1-3 classes a week. She lift weights. She do TRX. She's constantly changing her work out to keep her body guessing.

Challenges in Losing Weight
Nikki admit that when she first started her weight loss journey was the hardest part. It was a complete change of everything in her life. She overcame it by made a small changes at first and mad use to them before she would change something else. For example, she would swapped regular pasta for whole wheat and whole grain pasta, white rice for brown rice, etc.

The Weight Loss Victory
Nikki's weight loss is not an overnight success. It was a long 2 year battle before she reach her ideal weight, down to 150lbs. Her secret recipe to success is simple: Calories in vs. calories out plus some good old exercise.
Nikki Now and Then: "The way I feel now compaired to when I was heavier is hands down my favorite part of loosing the weight. I can't lie I am also digging the way I look now too!" - Nikki  

Maybe most of you who want to lose weight fast will get a bit disappointed to discover that there's no magic formula that Nikki has use to be the way she look now. Everyone knows that there's no magic to losing weight yet many people still rely on the promises of quick weight loss promoted by many diet product. I hope Nikki's story can make you change your mind, start losing weight and keep it off. If you have start a healthy lifestyle makeover, please share in the comments or submit your story to us.

* All pictures are belong to Nikki. Visit her blog My Life My Way and say hello to her.

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  1. define health : Health is wealth.Health is most important in our life. If we shall Healthy we can do our all work .


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